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Previous productions

2023 Returned Empty / A Slice of Life
Jake Revolver - Freelance Secret Agent
2021 Pass the Butler
2020 The Snow Queen
2019 Anyone for Drama? / Curses, Foiled Again!
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
2018 World without men / Half an Idea
Dick Whittington
2017 Snowdon White and the Seven Dwarves
2016 Percy and the Holy Grail
2015 Once Upon a Time
2014 Captain Hook's Revenge
2013 Aladdin
2012 Babes in the Wood
2011 Summer Variety Show
2010 Hickory Dickory Dock
2009 A Midsummer Murder in Ockley
Sinbad the Sailor
2008 Treasure Island
2006 Jack and the Beanstalk
2005 Abigail's Party
2003 Murder by the Book
Say it with Flowers / Much ado about Woman
Sleeping Beauty
2001 Sandcastles
2000 In a Street / Anyone for Drama?
1999 Dick Whittington
1998 After September
The Witching Hour / What's for Pudding?
1997 Sweet Caroline Sweet / Caught on the Hop
From Here to the Library / The Walking Dead
1996 Last Tango in Ockley / Distracted Globe
1995 Beyond a Joke
Music Lovers / The Saxon Wives of Ellandune
1994 Cindy Ella / Little Red Riding Hood
Untimely Ripp'd / Curses Foiled Again
1993 Habeas Corpus
Rave No More / Low Comedy Woman
1992 Half an Idea
Ring Round the Moon
1991 The Boundary / Easy Stages
House Guest
1990 A Small Affair
Too Long an Autumn / The Rescue
1989 A Murder is Announced
Now and Then / Don't Blame it on the Boots
1988 Hiccups
The Browning Version
1987 The Twelve Pound Look / One Month to Pay
1986 Murder in Company
A Kind of Justice / The Space Between the Years
1985 Murder Deferred
1984 Allova-Dinn and his Wonderful Gamp
Midsummer Mink
1983 Bell, Book and Candle
Trap for a Lonely Man
1982 Caught on the Hop
1981 The Full Treatment
Suddenly at Home
1980 Lloyd George Knew my Father
1979 The Secretary Bird
The Late Edwina Black
1978 Big Bad Mouse
1977 Red Hot Cinders / The Pigeon with the Silver Foot
Something to Hide
1976 How the Other Half Loves
Housekeeper Wanted / The Stepmother
1975 I'll Get My Man
Last Appearance / The Rescue
1974 Black Chiffon
The Dock Brief / Strawberry Jam
1973 A Question of Fact
1972 The Importance of Being Ernest
Angels in Love
1971 Breath of Spring
Night was our Friend
1970 Out of the Question
Book of the Month
1969 Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
The Shadow of Doubt
1968 Claudia
The Winslow Boy
1967 And This Was Odd
Pink String and Sealing Wax
1966 The Grass is Greener
Fools Rush In
1965 Who Lies There?
Goodnight Mrs. Puffin
1964 The Holly and the Ivy
A Lady Mislaid
1963 Without the Prince
1962 Home at Seven
1961 The Happy Prisoner
1960 Arsenic and Old Lace
1959 The Shop at Sly Corner
For Better, for Worse
1958 Blythe Spirit
On Monday Next
1957 If Four Walls Told
1956 Queen Elizabeth Slept Here
1955 Ma's Bit o'Brass
1954 Britannia of Billingsgate
1953 This Happy Breed
1952 Quiet Weekend
1951 Playgoers / The Rest Cure
The Spider's Ring / Thread O'Scarlet
1950 Five Birds in a Cage / The Dear Departed
A Flat and a Sharp / Where Three Ways Meet
1949 Escape / Geart Day
Poached Eggs and Pearls / Waiting for the Bus
1948 World Without Men / Back to Adam
Family Portrait / Dr. Killmequick's Surgery