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A Small Affair

18th to 20th October & 9th, 10th November 1990

By Bob Larbey

Directed by Bob Larby

Cast List

Judy - A Floor Manager   Mary Butler
Guy - A Director   Cliff Bruce
Terry - An Actor   David Rea
Ellen - An Actress   Rosemary Barker
Janet - An Actress   Joan Haynes
Mona - An Actress   Trisha Larbey
Harry - An Electrician   Norman Hodgett
Ada - A Cleaner   Jane Burley
Harriet - A Reporter   Alison Martin
Caroline - A P.A.   Yvonne Featherstone
Mrs. Webb - A Contestant   Jane Charman
Mrs. Hodge - A Contestant   Lynn Wright
Mrs. Platt - A Contestant   Doris Lemon
Ron - A Security Man   Derek Farenden
Stevie - A Producer   Wendy Rea
Sally - Administrative Assistant   Nikki Parker
Head of Drama   Christine Wallace

Production team

Stage Manager & Set Design   Jane Burley
Production Assistant & Prompt   Liz Holder
Lights & Sound   Bill Martin & Paul Revel
Front of House   Rosemary Barker
Publicity   Derek Farenden
Assistant Stage Manager   Corinna Newman
Catering   Christine Wallace & Helpers
Set Construction   Yvonne Featherstone, Norman Hodgett and John Newman.
Everybody's Understudy   Ritva Eriksson