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Jane Charman

Married to Jim. Mother of Andrew and Lucy. Grandmother of Harrison & Madelaine.

From the programme for Hiccups, October 1988:-

Jane Charman has lived in Ockley with her husband and daughter for ten years and has been a member of O.D.S. for twenty years although she has only taken part in about six productions.
Of these she particularly enjoyed playing an elderly lady of eighty in 'Lloyd George Knew My Father'. Her most recent performance was in 'Murder in Company'.
Other interests include Upholstery, very basic Gardening and Decorating.
Ambition - to be cast as someone elegant in an Edwardian production so that she can wear a long dress, huge hat and carry a parasol!

Productions participated in

Bonaventure Mar 1980 Sister Josephine
Lloyd George Knew my Father Nov 1980 Lady Sheila Boothroyd
Suddenly at Home Mar 1981 Properties
The Full Treatment Nov 1981 Stella Haley
Caught on the Hop Dec 1982 Properties
Trap for a Lonely Man May 1983 Properties
Bell Book and Candle Dec 1983 Properties
Midsummer Mink Apr 1984 Alice Lady Miller
Allova-Dinn and his Wonderful Gamp Dec 1984 General help
Murder Deferred May 1985 Mrs. Bolders
Murder in Company Nov 1986 Margaret Stephens
Hiccups Oct 1988 Helan
Now and Then
Don't Blame it on the Boots
May 1989 Props
Too Long an Autumn May 1990 Props
A Small Affair Oct 1990 Mrs. Webb
Ring Round the Moon May 1992 Mother (of Isabelle)
Half an Idea Nov 1992 Mrs Moore / Madge
Untimely Ripp'd Spring 1994 Councillor Mrs. Jessica Owen J.P.
The Saxon Wives of Ellandune May 1995 Emma
Beyond a Joke Nov 1995 Sarah
Distracted Globe May 1996 Director's Assistant
From here to the Library May 1997 Set Decor
Sweet Caroline Sweet Nov 1997 Director
Aladdin Jan 1998 Musical Director / Piano / Keyboard
The Witching Hour May 1998 Cook
After September Nov 1998 Miss Pink
Dick Wittington Dec 1999 Musical Arrangements
Band: Piano / Leader
Anyone for Drama? Nov 2000 Mrs Higgins
Sand Castles Nov 2001 Margaret Patterson
Sleeping Beauty Feb 2003 Courtier, Villager and Publicity
Say it with Flowers
Much ado about Woman
Jul 2003 Mrs Jenkins / Publicity
Cinderella Feb 2011 Musical Director
Summer Variety Show Sep 2011 Performer
Babes in the Wood Jan 2012 Keyboard
Aladdin Feb 2013 Keyboard
Once Upon a Time Feb 2015 Musician