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The Full Treatment

26th to 28th November 1981

By Michael Brett

Directed by Mike Munro

Cast List

George Maxwell, a reporter   Chris Jones
Brenda Maxwell, his wife   Sue Jones
Susan, an hotel maid   Jane Walker
Stella Haley, a secretary   Jane Charman
John Banstead, a photographer   Terri Coles
Philip Scott, a public relations officer   Cliff Bruce
Frederick Elton, an editor   David Rea
Henry Mellowes, a celebrity   Ron Earl
Sarah Mellowes, his wife   Joan Earl
Elizabeth Wellings, a nurse   Mary Butler
Ann Ripford, a BBC interviewer   Rosemary Barker

Production team

Stage Manager   Jon Tyers
Assistant Stage Manager   Molly Ansell
Production Assistant   Wendy Rea
Lighting   John Tanswell
Set Construction   David Waugh, Bill Maguire
Properties   Sue Peters, Rhiann James
Prompt   Marion Tompkins
Box Office   Joan Earl, Wendy Rea
Front of House   John and Chris Dendy