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Chris Jones

Married to Sue. Father to Becky and Kirsty.

From the programme for Hiccups, October 1988:-

Chris Jones has been associated with the O.D.S. for over 17 years. During that time he has also been a member of the now defunct Westcott Players and, currently, the D.D.O.S. with whom he regularly appears. He has directed and stage-managed for O.D.S. but prefers to act and, although he has taken leading roles in a very wide range of comedies and straight plays (most recently in 'Murder in Company' and 'The Twelve Pound Look') he says he would rather play one of Cinderella's ugly sisters than Hamlet. He is currently 'resting' but has agreed to make this brief, guest appearance at the author - director's insistence!

Productions participated in

Midsummer Mink Apr 1984 Set Design & Construction
Allova-Dinn and his Wonderful Gamp Dec 1984 Mustava-Dinn
Murder in Company Nov 1986 Philip Stephens
The Twelve Pound Look May 1987 Sir Harry Sims
The Browning Version May 1988 Set Design and Construction
Hiccups Oct 1988 Keith
The Boundary Nov 1991 Johnson