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27th & 28th October 1988

By John Esmonde and Bob Larbey

Directed by Bob Larby

Cast List

Stanley   David Rea
Liz   Joan Haynes
Harold   Cliff Bruce
Helen   Jane Charman
Ruthie   Penny Vickery
Paul   Robert Shepherd
Keith   Chris Jones
Renata   Wendy Rea

Production team

Producer   Eric Howker
Assisant to the Director   Trisha Larbey
Stage Manager   Yvonne Featherstone
Assistant Stage Manager   Nikki Parker
Properties   Christine Wallace
Set Design   Yvonne Featherstone
Front of House Manager   Mary Butler
Prompt   Rosemary Barker
Publicity   Rosemary Barker
Publicity Design   Yvonne Featherstone
Programme compilation and Printing   John and Corinna Newman

The Stage Manager, Set Designer and Front of House Manager have been assisted by Members and Friends of the Society.


The Society wishes to express its gratitude for the kind contributions of
The Mole Valley District Council.
Dorking Dramatic and Operatic Society.
Mr and Mrs Clear at Ockley Post Office.
Brian and Alison Jermyn at 'Victoria and Edward' for loan of stool and shelving.
Members and friends who have lent furniture and other properties and provided generous raffle prizes.

Ever increasing Hiccups

'Hiccups' was John Esmonde and Bob Larbey's first stage play and was performed at the Thorndike Theatre in Leatherhead in 1980. It was directed by Mark Cullingham and starred Sam Kelly, Susan Derrick, Peter Baldwin, Geraldine Newman, Holly De Jong and Paul Blake.

Through a popular success at the Thorndike, the play did not transfer to the West End, so was put in a cardboard box labelled 'Gone but not forgotten'. Some years later, John and Bob were looking for an idea for a television series and the 'Not Forgotten' came into operation. It seemed to the writers that Martin, the central character, had much more life in him and 'Ever Decreasing Circles' was born. His wife Liz came too, although a much more sympathetic and understanding character than the one in the stage play. Howard and Hilda could not be left behind either, their contented, warm little world seeming the perfect counterpoint to Martin's action-packed, neurotic one. Ruthie would not really sustain as a character and Paul was transformed into the 'Golden Boy' who lived next door, driving Martin to the edge of madness with his seeming ability to get everything right without even trying!

Geraldine Newman is the only 'survivor' from the play cast, still playing the loveable if not over-bright Hilda to Stanley Lebor's Howard. Richard Briers has brought his usual high skill to Martin, whilst Penelope Wilton and Peter Egan bring their considerable talent to playing Liz and Paul.

But 'Hiccups' was where it all began. We've changed the names of the characters to avoid too much confusion but you shouldn't have to look too hard to realize who some of them have turned out to be.

Bob Larbey has kindly agreed to direct the Ockley Dramatic Society's version for which he has provided additional material, including two entirely new characters. In this respect and throughout rehearsals, he has been ably assisted by his wife, Trisha, who is a long-serving member and former secretary of the Society. Bob is delighted with the talent and sheer hard work that the cast and a large number of helpers have put into it. It's an ambitious project for a small Dramatic Society and they deserve your applause and laughter. Do give it to them!