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David Rea

Married to Wendy. Father of Ailsa, Katrina and Fiona Hobdell. Grandfather of Phia Scott.

From the programme for Hiccups, October 1988:-

David Rea started his stage career playing the waiting gentlewoman in 'Macbeth'. He hastens to point out that this was an all male production at school - before he grew his beard. He then 'rested' until after he qualified as a solicitor when in 1962 he became a Founder Member of an amateur group in Slough where he appeared in 'Badgers Green', 'On Monday Next' and 'A Murder Has Been Arranged'. in 1967 he met Wendy (Renata) through 'Genesta' an amateur society in Surbiton, where he appeared with her in 'Night was our Friend' and also as the abortionist in 'Alfie'. Fearing he might become type cast he also appeared, albeit in the chorus, in Operettas at Richmond Theatre for Kingston Operatic Society. Moving to Forest Green in 1971 he and Wendy soon joined the Ockley Dramatic Society where his first major role was in 'Big Bad Mouse'. This was followed by 'The Secretary Bird', 'Trap for a Lonely Man', 'Lloyd George Knew My Father' and 'Murder in Company'. He has directed 'The Late Edwina Black', 'Bonadventure', 'Suddenly At Home' and 'Murder Deferred'. He is also a member of DDOS with whom he has appeared as the beggar in 'Fiddler on the Roof', the drunk in 'Guys and Dolls' as well as in 'Between Mouthfuls' and as Don John (the bastard) in 'Much Ado About Nothing'. He also helps in the family hobby of breeding and showing Guinea Pigs.

Productions participated in

Red Hot Cinders
The Pigeon with the Silver Foot
Dec 1977 Grace
Big Bad Mouse Mar 1978 Mr. Price-Hargraves
The Late Edwina Black Jan 1979 Director / Set Design
The Secretary Bird Nov 1979 Hugh Walford
Bonaventure Mar 1980 Director
Lloyd George Knew my Father Nov 1980 Hubert Boothroyd, M.P.
Suddenly at Home Mar 1981 Director / Appleton
The Full Treatment Nov 1981 Frederick Elton
Confusions Mar 1982 Martin / Gosforth
Caught on the Hop Dec 1982 Director
Trap for a Lonely Man May 1983 The Man
Murder Deferred May 1985 Director
Murder in Company Nov 1986 Ronnie Meadows
Hiccups Oct 1988 Stanley
The Rescue May 1990 Guy Shelmerdine
A Small Affair Oct 1990 Terry
House Guest Apr 1991 Director
The Boundary
Easy Stages
Nov 1991 Lighting and Sound
Ring Round the Moon May 1992 Romainville
Rave no more Jul 1993 John Saunders
Habeas Corpus Autumn 1993 Sir Percy Shorter
Untimely Ripp'd
Curses, Foiled Again!
Spring 1994 Front of House
Music Lovers
The Saxon Wives of Ellandune
May 1995 Director / Production team
Production team
Beyond a Joke Nov 1995 Lighting
Last Tango in Ockley May 1996 Gordon
Caught on the Hop Nov 1997 Etienne Fontaineau
What's for Pudding? May 1998 Ted