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8th to 10th July 1993

Rave no more

By Josephine Carter

Directed by Rosemary Barker

Cast List

Inspector Davies   Cliff Bruce
Policewoman Collins   Sylvie Beckett
Janice Saunders   Wendy Rea
John Saunders   David Rea
Alice Finch   Ritva Eriksson
Philip Harris   Phil Stringer

Low Comedy Woman

By Jack Boswell

Directed by Phil Stringer

Cast List

Harry Forty   Cliff Bruce
Emma Forty   Trisha Larbey
Granny One   Mary Butler
Effie one-six-eight   Rosemary Barker #1
Yvonne Vingt-et-une   Lynne Stringer #2

Joint production team

Stage Manager   Derek Farenden assisted by Ailsa Rea and Katrina Rea
Production Assistants   Mary Butler and Nikki Parker
Electrician   Paul Knight
Properties   Lynne Rose
Set construction   Members of the Society
Front of House   Doris Lemon and Lynn Wright
Box Office   Sylvia Farenden
Publicity   Andrew Charman and Derek Farenden
Catering   Hazel Worman and Team
Bar   Tony Butler and Leslie Jones


#1. The printed programme shows this character played by Rosemary Butler. 28 years after the event, when this page was created, it is difficult to be certain but the consensus is that the printed programme was in error.

#2. The printed programme shows this character played by Lyn Stringer. Here we are certain the printed programme was in error.