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Sylvie Beckett

Sylvie Beckett

Sylvie was involved around the theatre from a very young age as her grandmother was a semi-professional singer (a talent Sylvie didn’t inherit sadly) and she has memories of going to productions of "The Gondoliers" and "The Pirates of Penzance" etc, at many local theatres and village halls.

Drama was always Sylvie’s favourite subject at school. She remembers playing a shepherd one year in the annual nativity play and the narrator on another occasion. (It was always her dream to play ‘Mary’ but the dream was never fulfilled!!)

At secondary school she was a member of the Drama Club and was lucky to play the roles of Eliza in "Pygmalion" and Portia in "The Merchant of Venice".

"Dressing up" and "doing" shows have always appealed to her and with this in mind she became a "Bluecoat" at one of Sir Fred Pontins holiday camps where she played all sorts of characters, "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and a "Black Mama" to name but a few.

Sylvie moved from London to Dorking in 1991 where she then joined the Ockley Dramatic Society and has been an active member ever since.

She was social secretary for five years and chairman for two. The chairman's role is one she reluctently relinquished due to pressure of work and change in domestic circumstances. However, after a year's break, she is back again as social secretary.

Whilst a member of ODS she has undertaken various roles within the productions, props (which she hated), prompt (which made her a nervous wreck) and Front of House Manager (which is said was "okay"), but she is never happier than when she is on stage.

During her many years with the Society she has played numerous roles; Patsy in "Distracted Globe", Madam Mandrake in "The Witching Hour", Dorothy Bickerstaff in "After September" and Lady Megan Forster in "Anyone for Drama", being amongst them. Her favourite roles to date though are those of Connie in "Habeas Corpus" and Bernice Billet in Bob Larbey's play Sandcastles, which she enjoyed enormously. She most recently played the part of Queen Semolina of Entertainia in the societys production of Sleeping Beauty. Sylvie is branching out into the field of Directing and her first attempt at this will be in July 2003 where she is Director for the play "Say it With flowers" by Paul Union. This is a real challenge for her as her real love is performing but definitely one she is looking forward to!!!

After Taking 5 yrs out due to a change in circumstances Sylvie came back to ODS to take place in the 2008 pantomime. She took on a somewhat different role for her in the form of one half of a comdedy duo. She played Sam the other half of Sam and Ella in the panto Treasure Island.

This year in 2009 she reverted to type and played the Sultana of Istanbul in the pantomime Sinbad the sailor. She relished this role and felt it was one of the happiest productions she has ever been involved with during her time with ODS.

Last updated 29th May 2009.

Productions participated in

Easy Stages Nov 1991 Alice
Ring Round the Moon May 1992 Properties
Half an Idea Nov 1992 Mrs Wilson
Rave no more Jul 1993 Policewoman Collins
Habeas Corpus Autumn 1993 Constance Wickstead
Untimely Ripp'd
Curses, Foiled Again!
Spring 1994 Production Assistant
Stephanie / Nell
Cindy Ella
Red Riding Hood
Dec 1994 Production Assistant
Beyond a Joke Nov 1995 Jane
Distracted Globe May 1996 Patsy
Sweet Caroline Sweet
Caught on the hop
Nov 1997 Front of House
Aladdin Jan 1998 So-Shy
The Witching Hour May 1998 Madame Mandrake
After September Nov 1998 Miss Bickerstaff
Dick Whittington Dec 1999 Sultana Bunn, Ruler of Morocco
Anyone for Drama? Nov 2000 Lady Megan Forster
Sand Castles Nov 2001 Bernice Billet
Sleeping Beauty Feb 2003 Queen Semolina
Say it with Flowers Jul 2003 Director
Treasure Island Feb 2008 Sam
Sinbad the Sailor Feb 2009 Sultana of Istanbul
A Midsummer Murder in Ockley Jun 2009 Miss Stephanie Frobisher
Hickory Dickory Dock Feb 2010 Baroness Hickory
Aladdin Jan 2013 Empress
Captain Hook's Revenge Jan 2014 Tonkerbell (a punk fairy)
Percy and the Holy Grail Feb 2016 Bertha Bigend
Snowdon White and the Seven Dwarves Jan 2017 Betty
Dick Whittington Jan 2018 Bow Bella - Fairy
Half an Idea Jun 2018 Edie
The Snow Queen Feb 2020 Miss Annie
Jake Revolver - Freelance Secret Agent Jun 2023 Radio Announcer
Jack and the Beanstalk Feb 2024 Dr Proctor, the medicine woman


Jake Revolver - Freelance Secret Agent