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Dick Whittington

26th to 28th January, 2nd & 3rd February 2018

By Cheryl Barrett

Directed by Martin Pratt

Cast List

Dick Whittington - A country boy   Tracey Hardy
Alderman Fitzwarren - Owner of Fitzwarren's stores   Phil Stringer
Alice Fitzwarren - His daughter   Megan-Rose Ayling
Sherry Trifle - Fitzwarren's cook   Clive Bordoli
Idle Jack - Sherry's son   Katy Peters
Bow Bella - Fairy   Sylvie Beckett
Shadow - Dick's cat   Ella Pangborn
King Rat - Frankie Binartra   Yvonne Featherstone
Deano Martino - Rat pack   Oscar Belfrage Bordoli
Slimey Davies - Rat pack   Dugald Pratt
Junior - Rat pack   Oli Sparkes
Rock Eel - Captain of ship   Mark Chapman
Chips - First mate   Martyn Peters
Salt - Ship's cook   Wendy Freeman
Pepper - Ship's look-out   Evie Hardy
Sheik Onnit - Ruler of Morocco   Lisa-Jane Heeley
Mustapha Leak - Bodyguard   Stephen Dallyn / Chris Moss
Mustapha Look - Bodyguard   Stephen da Costa
Donna - Sheik's daughter   Linda Peters
Shish - Sheik's daughter   Wendy Freeman
Jordan - Camel   Hugo Hardy / Susie Goodman
Paddy Whack - Sailor   Paula Claydon
The Chorus   Jack Ayling, Stephen da Costa, Stephen Dallyn, Wendy Freeman, Hugo Hardy, Lisa-Jane Heeley, Jamie McLeod, Chris Moss, Linda Peters, Charlie Sparkes.
Dancers   Marni Broomes, Emma Claydon, Lottie Elliott, Susie Goodman, Hugo Hardy, Ines-Angel Milne, Samantha Milne, Ella Pangborn, Faith Phillipson, Charlie Sparkes, Jessie Sparkes, Charlie Summers.
Belly Dancers   Emma Claydon, Lola Watts

Production team

Choreographers   Susy Puckett and Rose Blackley
from the Big Act Theatre School.
Stage Manager   Tony Smith assisted by Barbara Gowlland
Prompt   Tania Edwards
Sound, Lighting and Technical   Alan Hardy assisted by Tom Ware
Box Office   Nic Belfrage
Wardrobe   Katherine Clayton, Philomena Bunce
Properties   Helen Dean-Grainger
Front of House Manager   David Claydon
Front of House Team   Stephanie Christensen, Julia Horrox, Paula Claydon plus friends of the Society
Chaperones   Helen Goodman, friends of the Society
Set building   Tony Smith, Clive Bordoli
Posters and Programme   Martin Pratt
Publicity   Cheryl Gurney, Tania Edwards
Make up   Jessica Graham-Brown


Clive Bordoli and Katy Peters.

Clive Bordoli, Ella Pangborn, Katy peters (obscured) Oscar Bordoli, Tracey Hardy, Megan Ayling, Mark Chapman, Phil Stringer, Sylvie Beckett, Susie Goodman, Hugo Hardy plus dancers front row.

Megan Ayling, Tracey Hardy, Ella Pangborn, Linda Peters, Jamie McLeod, Phil Stringer, Stephen Dallyn, Clive Bordoli.

Megan Ayling, Katy Peters, Evie Hardy, Clive Bordoli, Wendy Freeman, Phil Stringer, Mark Chapman.

The cast.