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Jack and the Beanstalk

2nd, 3rd, 9th & 10th February 2024

By Michael Brennan

Directed by Martin Pratt

Cast List

Blunderbore, the Giant (heard but not seen)   Stephen Dallyn
Dame Trott   Gary Swindle
Doyle, the Oil Baron   Mark Chapman
Dr Proctor, the medicine woman   Sylvie Beckett
Fleshcreep, Blunderbore's henchman   Gary Herring
Goose, that lays the golden eggs   Phia Scott
Harp, magical   Fiona Hobdell
Jack Trott, our hero and son of Dame Trott   Chloe Wellman
Jill Doyle, oil baron's daughter   Eliza Bennett
Lasso, ranch hand   Clive Bordoli
Mable, stable hand   Grace Murrell
Mrs Blunderbore, the giant's wife   Annie Walker
Narrator, an actor, retired   Martyn Peters
Rawhide, ranch hand   Chris Moss
Rodeo Ron, Doyle's sidekick   Wendy Freeman
Saddle Sam, Doyle's sidekick   Yvonne Featherstone
Storekeeper   Jessie Sparkes
Ulez the cow   Sammy Milne and Theo Holden
Chorus   Evie Gardiner, Gabe Holden, Grace Johnson, Linda Peters and Sheila Wright-Anderson
Dancers   Isla Campbell, Ivy Campbell, Amelia Clear-Jeeves, Evie Gardiner, Theo Holden, Grace Johnson, Sammy Milne, Jasmine Moss, Queenie Rawlins and Jessie Sparkes

Production team

Technical   Alan Hardy
Technical Assistant   Charlie Eite
Choreography   Susy Puckett
Assistant Choreography   Helena Crabb assisted by Jess Sherlock
Wardrobe   Katherine Clayton
Wardrobe Assistant   Liz Rhodes
Stage Manager   Terrie Lobina
Prompter   Martyn Peters
Musical Direction   Mark Chapman
Stage Hand   Ines-Angel Milne
Set Design   Martin Pratt
Set Build   Friends of the Society
Scenery Artists   Special thanks to Amanda Hicks
Child protection officer   Bea Milne
Chaperones   Susy Puckett, Sue Worsfold, Amber Elliott, Bea Milne, James Thomas and Friends of the Society.
Front of House   Friends of the Society
Box Office   Sheila Wright-Anderson
Posters and programme   Martin Pratt


Backing tracks by courtesy of PPL PRS Ltd, Rednex, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Hot Butter, Tove Lo and Zac Brown Band.