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15th and 16th June 2018

World without men

By Philip Johnson

Directed by Yvonne Featherstone

Cast List

Millett   Sheila Gray
Miss Wisper   Evie Hardy
Madame Pavel   Katy Peters
Mrs Smith   Wendy Freeman
Mrs Jones   Annie Walker
Mrs Robinson   Tracey Hardy
Mrs Brown   Linda Peters

Half an Idea

By Bob Larbey

Directed by Phil Stringer

Cast List

Scene 1 - Middle Class Living Room

Writer   Martin Pratt
Pauline, Writer's wife   Sheila Wright-Anderson
Stage Manager   Tony Smith
Mrs Moore - Bride's mother   Katy Peters
Mr Moore - Bride's father   Martyn Peters
Tamsin, Bride / Carol - Spangle Sister   Megan-Rose Ayling
Catherine, Bride's younger sister & bridesmaid   Evie Hardy
Mr Dicks - Groom's father   Mark Chapman
Mrs Dicks - Groom's mother   Yvonne Featherstone
Mrs Charlton - In-law   Tracey Hardy
Mr Charlton - In-law   Stephen Dallyn
Mrs Hurst, Housekeeper   Annie Walker
Mrs Peters - Family friend   Wendy Freeman
Carla - Family friend   Linda Peters
Ted - Spangle Sister   Stephen da Costa
Alice - Spangle Sister   Liz Richardson

Note: The part of 'Tasmin, Bride' was due to have been played by Amber Elliott but, due to illness, she was forced to pull out with only a few days to go. We are pleased to report she has subsequently made a full recovery.

Scene 2 - Working Class Living Room

Writer   Martin Pratt
Pauline, Writer's wife   Sheila Wright-Anderson
Stage Manager   Tony Smith
Madge, Wally's widow   Annie Walker
Jackie, Madge's daughter   Evie Hardy
Mr Stiles, neighbour   Martyn Peters
Mrs Banks   Tracey Hardy
Mrs Wilson   Lisa Glenn
Mr Wilson   Clive Bordoli
Edie   Sylvie Beckett
Mrs Cohen   Sheila Gray
Cyrill, Mrs Banks' Son   Oscar Belfrage Bordoli
Vicar   Chris Moss

Production team

Stage Manager   Tony Smith
Assistant Stage Manager   Barbara Gowlland
Lighting & sound   Alan Hardy
Prompt   Tania Edwards
Costume   Katherine Clayton
Set building   Clive Bordoli & members of the Society
Chaperone   Susy Puckett
Posters and Programme   Martin Pratt
Hairdressing   Claire's Boutique Ockley
Rehearsal cake baker   Sylvie Beckett
Box Office   Nic Belfrage
Bar   David Claydon, Eric Sutcliffe & Julia Horrox
Catering   Jessie Sutcliffe, Debbie von Bergen, Yvonne Featherstone & members of the Society
Celebration cakes   The Vicar's Kitchen

Pictures - World without men

Evie Hardy, Annie Walker, Katy Peters, Wendy Freeman.

Tracey Hardy, Annie Walker.

Linda peters.

Katy Peters.

Pictures - Half an Idea

Martin Pratt.

Linda Peters, Tracey Hardy, Megan Ayling, Wendy Freeman, Katy Peters, Martyn Peters, Stephen Dallyn.

Megan Ayling, Stephen da Costa, Liz Richardson, Katy Peters, Annie Walker, Martyn Peters.

Yvonne Featherstone, Mark Chapman, Katy Peters, Martyn Peters.

Annie Walker, Clive Bordoli, Evie Hardy, Lisa Glenn, Sheila Gray.

Sylvie Beckett.

Annie Walker, Evie Hardy, Martyn Peters, Clive Bordoli, Sheila Gray.

Sheila Gray, Oscar Bordoli, Evie Hardy, Chris Moss, Tracey Hardy, Annie Walker, Clive Bordoli, Sylvie Beckett, Lisa Glenn.