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Sleeping Beauty

February 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd, 2003

By Norman Robbins

Directed by Martin Pratt

Cast List

Azuriel, a good fairy   Natasha Figg
Fusspot, the Lord Chamberlain   Richard Powles
Tickles, the Court Jester   Jo Atkins
King Cedric VII of Entertainia   Phil Stringer
Queen Semolina, his wife   Sylvie Beckett
Dame Ammonia Goodbody, the Royal nurse   Steve Martin
Carabosse, a wicked fairy   Annie Walker
Shout, a herald   Yvonne Featherstone
Bawl, another herald   Chris Scott
Princess Aurora   Tahlia Elder
Prince Valliant of Euphoria   Amy Richardson
Courtiers and Villagers   Jane Charman, Lucy Lawler, Henry Crisp, Rebecca Erratt, Scarlett Gurney, Leanne Jones, Melanie Thorn, George Wiltshire, Vanessa Wiltshire.
Fairies   Jodey Booker, Chloe Cannon, Becky Hamp, Georgie Hamp, Sophie Luckman, Emily Rawlinson, Kate Reeves, Emily Standen, Katie Standen, Amelia Warren.

Production team

Musical Director   Paul Roberts
Musicians   Clare Murrell, Neil Martin, Niky Briscombe.
Prompt   Marilyn Turner
Stage Manager   Rupert Thorne
Assistant Stage Manager   Eric Howker
Box Office   Marilyn and David Runnalls
Lighting   Neil Collier
Publicity   Jane & Jim Charman and Eric Howker
Costumes   Doris Lemon
Posters & programmes   Martin Pratt
Set   Constructed by members of the Society