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Sleeping Beauty - Pictures

Cast List and Production Team

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Left: Sylvie Beckett.
Right: Phil Stringer.
Left: Chris Scott.
Right: Yvonne Featherstone.
Left: Richard Powles.
Right: Tahlia Elder.
Left: Jo Atkins.
Right: Steve Martin.
Annie Walker.
Fighting: Amy Richardson and Annie Walker.
Watching, from left to right: Steve Martin, Jo Atkins, Chris Scott, Richard Powles, Sylvie Beckett, Yvonne Featherstone, Phil Stringer.
Left to right: Richard Powles, Annie Walker, Sylvie Beckett, Phil Stringer, Jo Atkins, Tahlia Elder, Amy Richardson, Steve Martin, Chris Scott, Lauren Walker, Yvonne Featherstone, Jane Charman, Lucy Lawler.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted the absence of Natasha Figg (Azuriel) from the above photographs, which were taken at our final dress rehearsal. She was unable to attend that day and her part was taken by her understudy, Lauren Walker.

Cast List and Production Team