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25th & 26th January, 1st & 2nd February 2013

By John Morley

Directed by Steve Martin

Cast List

Abanazar   Fred Korner
Widow Twanky   Clive Bordoli
Aladdin   Sharon Crabb
Wishee Washee   Annie Walker
Genie of the Lamp   Jenny Butler
Princess Say Wen   Madeleine Bruff
Bamboo   Anna Chapman
Typhoo   Erica Korner
Emperor   Steve Martin
Empress   Sylvie Beckett
Fairy of the Ring   Helena Crabb
Rick Shaw   Lucy Lawler
Vizier   Lizzie Goodman
Prince Pekoe   Hamish Pratt
Strong Pong   Harrison Ash
Madam Flash Bang   Flossy Peters
Egyptian Mummy   Dugald Pratt
Aztok   Harrison Ash
Slave   Oscar Belfrage Bordoli
Hand Maidens   Marnie Nowson & Flossy Peters
Citizens   Members of the Cast
Dancers   Daniella Rycroft, Lucy Buckland, Lizzie Goodman, Emma Buckland, Catherine Goodman, Susie Goodman, Madelaine Ash, Olivia Halsey, Sophie Collis, Emma Claydon, Emma Brown, Megan-Rose Ayling & Emmy Bernal.

Production team

Production Assistants   Jenny Butler & Clive Bordoli
Choreographers   Jane Waugh & Daniella Rycroft
Dance Assistant   Helen Goodman
Keyboard   Jane Charman
Stage Manager   Tony Cox
Costumes   Marilyn Runnalls
Props   Janette Alexander & Jenny Butler
Lighting and Sound   Dave Ash
Prompt   Lynn Pratt
Front of House Team   David Claydon and Team
Box Office   Deborah Mason
Set Design and Build   Members of the Society
Banner   David Waugh
Make Up   Members of the Society
Chaperones   Parents and members of the Society
Publicity   Janette Alexander
Posters   Martin Pratt
Photocopying   Tony Cox and Dorking Stationers

Thanks to the Moose Corporation for help and advice.


Abanazar 1

Abanazar 2

Abanazar and Mummy

Abanazar and Slave

Abanazar and Twanky

Abanazar, Maiden, Princess

Abanazar, Mummy

Aladdin, Abanazar, Princess

Aladdin, Princess, Maiden

Aladdin, Princess, Slave

Aladdin, Twanky, Wishee

Aladdin, Twanky

Aladdin, Wishee, Twanky, Mummy


Bamboo, Typhoo


Court 1

Court 2

Dancers 1

Dancers 2

Dancers 3

Dancers 4

Dancers 5

Dancers 6

Dancers 7

Dancers 8

Dancers 9

Dancers 10

Egyptian Slave

Emperor and Empress




Genie 1

Genie 2

Genie 3

Genie, Abanazar, Princess

Labour Exchange


Maiden, Princess, Abanazar

Mummy and Abanazar


Pekoe, Vizier

Princess and Maiden

Princess and Slave

Rick Shaw

Ricks Hire Service

Slave 1

Slave 2

The Court

Twanky 1

Twanky 2

Twanky, Abanazar

Twanky, Bamboo, Typhoo

Twanky, Wishee, Abanazar

Vizier 1

Vizier 2

Vizier and Pekoe


Wishee 1

Wishee 2

Wishee and Mummy

Wishee and Twanky

Wishee Washy