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The Snow Queen

31st January, 1st, 7th & 8th February 2020

By Michael Brennan

Directed by Martin Pratt

Cast List

The Snow Queen   Katy Peters
Gerda, the granddaughter   Evie Hardy
Kai, Gerda's best friend   Megan-Rose Ayling
The Hobgoblin   Ken Cox
Granny Smith, the Dame   Mark Chapman
Silly Billy   Martyn Peters
Hans Off, the Mayor   Clive Bordoli
Helga, the tour guide   Sally Thornton
A Tourist   Tracey Hardy
A Tourist   Annie Walker
Young Gerda   Josie Malt
Young Kai   Ines-Angel Milne
George   Hugo Hardy
Joshua   Charlie Sparkes
Oliver   Oli Sparkes
Tyler   Patrick Broad
Coven of Witches:    
Baggy Witch   Helen Burt
Flabby Witch   Sheila Gray
Maggy Witch   Emma Dampier
Naggy Witch   Natalie Shimoyama
Shaggy Witch   Lisa Glenn
Mother Nature   Wendy Freeman
Queen Maybelline   Sheila Wright-Anderson
The Rector   Chris Moss
Kelvin, the camera man   Stephen da Costa
Willow Hollowby, TV Reporter   Natalie Shimoyama
Game Show Hostest   Emma Dampier
Dr Ivor   Liz Richardson
Marvo the Magician   Oli Sparkes
Miss Annie   Sylvie Beckett
Neil, a Townsman   Dugald Pratt
Miss Marple, a Gardener   Linda Peters
Polly, the parrot   Laura Pusey
Olaf, a shop keeper   Chris Moss
Ensemble   Stephen da Costa, Wendy Freeman, Chris Moss, Liz Richardson, Sheila Wright-Anderson, Violet-May Ayling, Lottie Elliott, Josie Malt, Ines-Angel Milne, Charlie Summers
Dance Captain   Lottie Elliott
Dancers   Violet-May Ayling, Amelia Clear-Jeeves, Bethany Elliott, Evie Gardiner, Amelia Green, Josie Malt, Myrttille Malt, Ines-Angel Milne, Samantha Milne, Eleanor Puckett, Jessie Sparkes, Charlie Summers, Lexie Worsfold
Senior Dancers   Rhiannon Thomas, Megan-Rose Ayling, Evie Hardy

Production team

Technical   Alan Hardy
Choreography   Susy Puckett
Stage Manager   Barbara Gowlland
Wardrobe   Katherine Clayton
Assistant Choreographer   Rhiannon Thomas
Stage Hand   Jack Ayling
Technical Assistant   Tom Ware
Wardrobe Assistant   Mandy Robinson
Set Build   Clive Bordoli
Scenery Artists   Amanda Hicks, Emily Hicks, Jess Edwards
Child Protection Officer   Bea Milne
Prompt   Tania Edwards
Properties   Barbara Gowlland
Chaperones   Susy Puckett, Sue Worsfold, Amber Elliott, Bea Milne and Friends of the Society
Front of House   Friends of the Society
Box Office   Nic Belfrage
Posters & Programme   Martin Pratt


Sheila Gray, Martyn Peters, Natalie Shimoyama, Mark Chapman, Annie Walker, Tracey Hardy.

Liz Richardson, Charlie Sparkes, Natalie Shimoyama, Hugo Hardy, Steve da Costa, Emma Dampier.

Chris Moss, Martyn Peters, Dugald Pratt, Mark Chapman, Clive Bordoli.

Megan Ayling, Vee Hardy, Liz Richardson, Lottie Elliott, Sylvie Beckett, Clive Bordoli, Dugald Pratt, Annie Walker, Mark Chapman, Tracey Hardy.

Megan Ayling, Katy Peters.