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Rosemary Barker

Mother of Sue.

Productions participated in

A Question of Fact Mar 1973 Grace Smith
Strawberry Jam Mar 1974 Director
Black Chiffon Nov 1974 Alicia
I'll Get My Man Dec 1975 Director
The Stepmother Mar 1976 Cora Prout
How the Other Half Loves Dec 1976 Fiona Foster
Something to Hide Mar 1977 Karen Holt
Red Hot Cinders
The Pigeon with the Silver Foot
Dec 1977 Director
Big Bad Mouse Mar 1978 Stage Manager
The Secretary Bird Nov 1979 Liz Walford
Bonaventure Mar 1980 The Mother Superior
Suddenly at Home Mar 1981 Stage Manager
The Full Treatment Nov 1981 Ann Ripford
Confusions Mar 1982 Director / Bernice / Milly / Box Office
Caught on the Hop Dec 1982 Maggie
Trap for a Lonely Man May 1983 Stage Manager
Bell Book and Candle Dec 1983 Director / Miss Holroyd
Midsummer Mink Apr 1984 Dame Beatrice Appleby
Allova-Dinn and his Wonderful Gamp Dec 1984 Stage Manager / Properties
Murder Deferred May 1985 Minnie Akers
Murder in Company Nov 1986 Phoebe Kershaw / Front of House and Box Office
The Twelve Pound Look
One Month to Pay
May 1987 Director / Box Office
Box Office
The Browning Version May 1988 Front of House and Box Office
Hiccups Oct 1988 Prompt / Publicity
Now and Then May 1989 Director
Too Long an Autumn May 1990 Miss Tate
A Small Affair Oct 1990 Ellen / Front of House
House Guest Apr 1991 Dorothy Medway / Front of House
The Boundary
Easy Stages
Nov 1991 Telephone Operator's Voice / Box Office
Director / Box Office
Ring Round the Moon May 1992 Capulet / Box Office
Half an Idea Nov 1992 Mrs Charlton / Front of House / Catering
Rave no more
Low Comedy Woman
Jul 1993 Director
Effie one-six-eight
Habeas Corpus Autumn 1993 Director
Untimely Ripp'd Spring 1994 Dr. Ellis
Cindy Ella
Red Riding Hood
Dec 1994 Front of House
Music Lovers
The Saxon Wives of Ellandune
May 1995 Miss Eames / Box Office
Freda / Box Office
Beyond a Joke Nov 1995 Director
Last Tango in Ockley
Distracted Globe
May 1996 Prompt