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28th, 29th January, 4th, 5th & 6th February 2011

By Stephen Duckham

Directed by Jo Bickmore

Cast List

Fairy Godmother   Steve Martin
Cinderella   Hayley Irwin
Buttons   Martin Pratt
Baron Hardup   Fred Korner
Gorgon, an Ugly Sister   Sally Thornton
Zola, another Ugly Sister   Annie Walker
Dandini   Sharon Crabb
Prince Charming   Paula Claydon
Snatchit, The Brokers men   Lizzie Goodman
Grabbit, The Brokers men   Adam Claydon
Major Domo   Lucy Hogarth
Dancers   Harrison Ash, Madelaine Ash, Mark Bridger, Lucy Buckland, Sophie Collis, Helena Crabb, Amber Dale, Melissa Fox, Catherine Goodman, Lizzie Goodman, Sanne Hague, Erica Korner, Lauren Mason, Lottie Mason, Marnie Nowson, Florence Peters, Dugald Pratt, Hamish Pratt.
Choreographers   Angela Tarrett, Jane Waugh, Rebecca Peters

Production team

Production Advisor   Toni Leighton
Prompt   Debs Chilton
Musical Director   Jane Charman
Supported by   Charlie Pert
Stage Manager   Tony Cox
Set Design and Build   Members of the Society with special thanks to: David Waugh, Clive Bordoli, Tony Cox, John Davies & Steve Martin assisted by Kendal Orange
Sound and Lighting   Clive Bordoli & Janette Alexander, Sam Orange, Nigel Orange
Box Office   Marilyn Runnalls
Wardrobe   Members of the Society
Costumes   Marilyn Runnalls
Make Up   Members of the Society and Shelley Phillipson
Front of House Team   Andrew Goodman, Paul Hogarth, Julia Cameron, David Claydon, Jen Cameron, Jane Waugh, Mike Spruce, David Waugh, Iris Spruce, David Moir, Sue Martin.
Chaperones   Friends of the Society
Programme   Martin Pratt

Sincere thanks to the Moose Corporation for lighting and sound.



From the Dorking Advertiser, 17th February 2011:-

An enthusiastic Ockley Dramatic Society performed Stephen Duckham's "Cinderella" at Ockley village hall.

The amateur dramatic society told the tale of Baron Hardup, his ugly step daughters, aptly named Gorgon and Zola, the beautifil Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother.

Upbeat music directed by Jane Charman and talented choreography involved the audience from the start.

Choreographers Angela Tarratt, Jane Waugh and Rebecca Peters did a fantastic job with the young dancers. The choreograohy was clever, funny and complemented the upbeat soundtrack.

Directed by Jo Bickmore, this anateur performance was brought to life by some characters in particular.

Steve Martin, as the fairy godmother, recovered well after a couple of memory blips and his wicked sense of humour saved the day. His final song shawed remarkable talent fitting in so many words into one redition.

Cinderella, played by Hayley Irwin, was a delicate partrayal by the young girl. Hayley came into her throughout the performance and the audience clearly adored her.

The two ugly sisters were played with gusto by Sally Thornton and Annie Walker. A particular highlight was the performance of "Anything you can do I can do better" which had the audience in fits of laughter.

But it was the children who brought the pantomime to life and the audience fully appreciated their efforts.