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Once Upon a Time

30th & 31st January, 6th & 7th February 2015

By Paul Barron & Sarah Dyson

Directed by Martin Pratt

Cast List

Evelyn   Annie Walker
Cinderella   Jenny Butler
Snow White   Helen Margetts
Charming 1   Steve Martin
Charming 2   Stephen Dallyn
Nick   Emma Rhodes
Nack   Phil Stringer
Lottie   Erica Korner
Gertie   Clive Bordoli
Jack   Paula Claydon
Prince Marvellous   Samuel Claydon
Mad Hatter   Hamish Pratt
March Hare   Morgan Hamilton
Alice   Tracey Hardy
Dormouse   Dugald Pratt
Captain Hook   Mark Chapman
Red Riding Hood   Lisa-Jane Heeley
Wolf   Dugald Pratt
Dwarf 1   Stephen da Costa
Dwarf 2   Megan-Rose Ayling
Dwarf 3   Izzy Rhodes
Dwarf 4   Evie Hardy
Dwarf 5   Hannah Margetts
Dwarf 6   Gracie Attridge
Dwarf 7   Oscar Belfrage Bordoli
Pirates   Stephen da Costa plus dance troup
Dancers   Megan-Rose Ayling, Emmy Bernal, Phoebe Bernal, Emma Claydon, Amber Dale, Lottie Elliott, Evie Hardy, Hannah Margetts, Izzy Rhodes, Amelia Rhodes, Gracie Attridge.

Production team

Choreographer   Charlotte Earle from Zapphire
Prompt   Tony Cox
Stage Manager   Yvonne Featherstone
Musician   Jane Charman
Set Design and Build   Clive Bordoli, assisted by David Waugh, Steve Martin and members of the Society
Sound and Lighting   Alan Hardy with Hugo Hardy
Box Office   Nic Belfrage
Wardrobe   Marilyn Runnalls with Vanessa Petty and Hilary Bowman
Front of House Manager   David Claydon
Front of House Team   Stephanie Christensen, Julia Horrox plus friends of the Society
Chaperones   Lynn Pratt and friends of the Society
Programme and posters   Martin Pratt


Samuel Claydon, Paula Claydon.

Helen Margetts, Stephen Dallyn, Steve Martin, Jenny Butler.

Morgan Hamilton, Tracey Hardy, Dugald Pratt, Clive Bordoli, Paula Claydon, Samuel Claydon Hamish Pratt.

Steve Dallyn and Helen Margetts.

Jenny Butler and Steve Martin.

Emma Rhodes and Phil Stringer.

Emma Rhodes, Phil Stringer, Annie Walker, Erica Korner.

Clive Bordoli.

Clive Bordoli and Annie Walker.

Morgan Hamilton, Tracey Hardy, Dugald Pratt, Clive Bordoli, Paula Claydon, Samuel Claydon, Hamish Pratt.

Hannah Margetts, Clive Bordoli, Mark Chapman.

Hannah Margetts, Evie Hardy (obscured), Mark Chapman, Morgan Hamilton, Clive Bordoli, Emma Claydon, Paula Claydon, Samuel Claydon.

Lisa-Jayne Heeley, Emma Rhodes, Phil Stringer, Erica Korner.

Whole of cast.