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Babes in the Wood

20th, 21st, 27th & 28th January 2012

By James Dark

Directed by Debs Chilton

Cast List

Sheriff of Nottingham   Fred Korner
Nursie   Steve Martin
Robin   Paula Claydon
Maid Marion   Hayley Irwin / Sharon Crabb
Moan   Clive Bordoli
Groan   Adam Claydon
Woodland Fairy   Hayley Irwin / Sharon Crabb
Wilma   Lucy Lawler
Alana   Rebecca Peters
Suphra   Jane Waugh
Jacks   Marnie Nowson / Amber Dale / Erica Korner / Lizzie Goodman
Jills   Flossy Peters / Anna Chapman / Helena Crabb / Lydia Ivackovic
Much the Millerís Son   Harrison Ash
Citizens, Soldiers and School Children   Daniella Rycroft, Ashley Rycroft, Leith Rowe, Hamish Pratt, Oscar Belfrage Bordoli and members of the cast.
Dancers   Catherine Goodman, Madelaine Ash, Lottie Mason, Lloyd Mason, Lauren Mason, Emma Claydon, Freyja Strachan & Dugald Pratt.
Fairies   Sophie Collis, Megha Patel, Lucy Buckland, Francesca Pritchard & Madeleine Bruff.

Production team

Production Advisor   James Dark
Choreographer   James Dark
Dance Assistants   Angela Tarrett, Jane Waugh, Paula Claydon & Rebecca Peters.
Keyboard   Jane Charman
Stage Manager   Tony Cox
Costumes   James Dark & Marilyn Runnalls
Lighting and Sound   Dave Ash
Prompt   Jenny Butler
Front of House Team   David Claydon
Box Office   Deborah Mason
Set Design and Build   Members of the Society
Banner   David Waugh
Make Up   Members of the Society
Chaperones   Friends of the Society
Publicity   Janette Alexander

Sincere thanks to the Moose Corporation for lighting and sound.


I have most but not all of the names for the below.
Please contact me if you help with the missing data.

Standing: Steve Martin and Clive Bordoli.
Sitting: Oscar Belfrage Bordoli, Hamish Pratt and others....

Lucy Lawler, Rebecca Peters and Jane Waugh.

Harrison Ash, Sharon Crabb, Lucy Lawler, Rebecca Peters and Jane Waugh.

Standing: Steve Martin and Adam Claydon.
Sitting: front row: Clive Bordoli and Harrison Ash.
Next row: two unknowns then Oscar Belfrage Bordoli, Dugald Pratt and Hamish Pratt.
Back row: the middle girl is possibly Catherine Goodman, the others are unknown.