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Summer Variety Show

Saturday 24th September 2011

Directed by Janette Alexander & Clive Bordoli

Introduction and Compere Steve Martin

Part 1

Tearaway   Flossy Peters - vocals
James Collinson - guitar
Harrison Ash - bass guitar
Leith Rowe - drums
Snow White   Forest Green W.I.
Singer/Songwriter   Clare Chapman
Lady Macbeth   Mignonne Cox
Neighbours   Lucy Lawler
Nic Belfrage
Jane Charman
Letter from Abroad   David Waugh
Our House   Lizzie Goodman
Lucy Buckland
Memory Woman   Nic Belfrage
Clive Bordoli

Part 2

Jazz/Blues Duo   Maxine Dye
Ian Scott
Dorothy Perkins   Jane Waugh
Lucy Lawler
Nic Belfrage
Marital Bliss   Mignonne Cox
Clive Bordoli
Over the Gate   Steve Martin
Acoustic Duo   Anthony & Jo

Production team

Lighting   Dave Ash
Sound   Mark Chapman & Dave Collinson
Stage Manager   Tony Cox
Thanks to   Kendal & Nigel Orange


From the Dorking Advertiser, 20th October 2011:-

It was all systems go at Ockley village hall when the inaugral 'Summer Variety Show' opened its doors.

Brilliantly organised by Clive Bordeli and Janette Alexander on behalf of the Ockley Dramatic Society, the eclectic collection of acts at this sell-out event varried from a side-splitting rendition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves performed by the Forest Green WI, to a tear-jerkingly haunting song performed by 14-year-old singer/songwriter Clare Chapman and a Shakespearean soliloque delivered by Mignonne Cox.

Lucy Lawler and Jane Waugh showed that they didn't mind making fools of themselves in the name of entertainment while Dave Waugh and Steve Martin held the audience spellbound with their amusing trips down memory lane and Nic Belfrage as the mystical Memory Woman amused and bemused.

Musical numbers were provided by teenage band Tearaway; jazz duo Maxine Dye and Ian Scott; and the very talented 'Jo and Ant' while Lizzie Goodman and Lucy Buckland entertained with their spirited dance interpretation of 'Our House' by Madness.

"We were blown away by the talent Ockley provided" said Clive Bordoli who also impressed with his funky bongo playing. "It was another great village occasion when everybody joined in and had a fabulous time. I'm looking forward to next year's show already!"