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7th and 8th November 2019

Anyone for Drama?

By Douglas Jackson

Directed by Alan Hardy

Cast List

Lady Magnolia Smythe   Katy Peters
Lady Megan Forster   Annie Walker
Mrs Perkins   Mark Chapman
Mrs Higgins   Stephen Dallyn
Fiona Faraday   Evie Hardy
Miss Waren   Fran Broad
Mrs Ferguson   Sally Thornton

Curses, Foiled Again!

By Evelyn Hood

Directed by Alan Hardy

Cast List

Kate / Lucy   Katy Peters
Henry / Jasper Rotten   Martyn Peters
Sandra / Nurse   Annie Walker
Peter / Victor Pureheart   Stephen Dallyn
Anna / Lady Flawless   Sheila Gray
Stephanie / Nell   Tracey Hardy

Production team

Stage Manager   Pam Miller
Stage Hand   Sheila Wright-Anderson
Wardrobe   Katherine Clayton
Prompt   Tania Edwards
Bar   Chris Moss
Box Office   Nic Belfrage, Clive Bordoli
Sound & Lighting   Alan Hardy
Set design and build   Friends of the Society