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Murder by the Book

25th, 26th, 29th November 2003

By Duncan Greenwood & Robert King

Directed by Eric Howker

Cast List

Christine Scott, secretary to Selwyn Piper   Georgette Burton
Selwyn Piper, a novelist and litery critic   Matt Williams
Imogen Piper, his wife, an actress   Victoria Armstrong
Peter Fletcher, his neighbour   Nathan Waugh
John Douglas, his publisher   Ben Relf

Production team

Stage Manager   Jenny Williams
Lighting and Sound   Rachel Armstrong and Georgette Burton
Prompt   Hannah Creek-Keen
Props   Joan Haynes and Hazel James
Set Design and Construction   John Steele, Ben Relf, Matt Williams and Nathan Waugh.
Balcony Scene   Gabrielle Morton
Publicity   Ben Relf, David Waugh, Natasha Figg, Eric Howker.
Programme   Martin Pratt
Front of House   Eileen Saunders
Box Office   Marilyn Runnalls