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Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

25th & 26th January, 1st & 2nd February 2019

By Alison Connelly

Directed by Martin Pratt

Cast List

Ali Baba   Tracey Hardy
Mama Baba   Mark Chapman
Shakira   Megan-Rose Ayling
Kassim Baba   Chris Moss
Jamila Baba   Katy Peters
Kaleem el-Hasan   Clive Bordoli
Danny   Annie Walker
Stan   Martyn Peters
Inspector Cluedo   Sally Thornton
Camel   Evie Hardy
Fish   Paula Claydon
Spice   Liz Richardson
Melon   Emma Dampier
Silk   Natalie Shimoyama
Deli   Linda Peters
Flower   Sheila Wright-Anderson
Thief 1   Dugald Pratt
Thief 2   Sheila Gray
Thief 3   Charlie Sparkes
Thief 4   Oli Sparkes
Thief 5   Stephen da Costa
Thief 6   Ella Pangborn
Azenough   Oscar Belfrage Bordoli
Genie   Wendy Freeman
Baba Mustapha / The Wazir   Yvonne Featherstone
Trade Minister   Stephen da Costa
Camel   Susie Goodman & Hugo Hardy
Chorus   Patrick Broad, Lottie Elliott, Wendy Freeman, Oli Sparkes, Sheila Wright-Anderson, Susie Goodman, Ella Pangborn, Jack Ayling.
Dancers   Violet-May Ayling, Chloe Bedggood, Madelaine Bedggood, Patrick Broad, Marni Broomes, Emma Claydon, Amelia Clear-Jeeves, Emma Dampier, Ali el Masri, Bethany Elliott, Lottie Elliott, Susie Goodman, Jessica Kilfeather, Josie Malt, Myrttille Malt, Frankie Martins, Sophie Martins, Ines-Angel Milne, Samantha Milne, Charlotte Palmer, Ella Pangborn, Faith Phillipson, Eleanor Puckett, Natalie Shimoyama, Jessie Sparkes, Charlie Summers.

Production team

Dance Captains   Emma Claydon & Ella Pangborn
assisted by Lottie Elliott & Faith Phillipson
Choreography   Susy Puckett
Child Protection Officer   Helen Goodman
Stage Manager   Barbara Gowlland assisted by Tony Smith
Prompt   Tania Edwards
Sound, Lighting and Technical   Alan Hardy assisted by Tom Ware
Set Build   Clive Bordoli
Scenery Artists   Jeff & Barbara Gowlland, Amanda Hicks with Yvonne Featherstone
Scenery Assistants   Members of the cast
Box Office   Nic Belfrage
Wardrobe   Katherine Clayton
Front of House Manager   David Claydon
Chaperones   Friends of the Society
Front of House Team   Stephanie Christensen, Jessie and Eric Sutcliffe, Sue Mahony & Friends of the Society
Properties   Barbara Gowlland
Stunt Coordinator   Lauren Beales
Posters & Programme   Martin Pratt
Publicity   Tania Edwards