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Jack and the Beanstalk

19th to 21st January 2006

Written, Produced & Directed by Eric Howker

Cast List

The Ockley Villagers, Faires and Elves   Emily Rawlinson, Lucy Buckland, Adam Claydon, Eve Foster, Lizzie Goodman, Angus Peters, Jasmin Peters, Ashley Rycroft, Daniella Rycroft, Charlie Strong.
Young Lady Visitor (Jill)   Penny Rhodes
Jack Doodle   Sasha Sypkes
Paddy, a bailiff   Matt Williams
Mick, another bailiff   Ben Relf
Widow Doodle, Jack's mother   Eric Howker
Squire Misery   David Waugh
Daisy, the cow   Neil and James Fletcher
Elderly Lady   Doris Lemon
Ghosts   Neil and James Fletcher, Penny Rhodes
Giant Woodshed   Peter Figg

Production team

Choregrapher   Elizabeth Wood
Stage Manager   Kendal Orange
Technical Director   Nigel Orange
Lighting   Ruth and Ian Angus
Sound   Sam and Nigel Orange
Prompt   Jenny Williams
Make-up   Nicky Russell
Piano Recording   Tony Goddard
Publicity   Annie Walker, Kendal Orange
Poster Design   Toby Webster
Banner   David Waugh
Photography   Peter Relf
Set Design and Construction   Kendal Orange assisted by David Waugh, Peter Figg, Matt Williams, Ben Relf, and cast.
Set Painting   Kendal Orange assisted by Christina Baker, Hayley Orange, Bridget Haywood, Ellie Pavey.
Front of House   Trisha Davies, Annie Walker, Eileen Saunders, Hazel James, John Davies, Bridget Haywood, Ellie Pavey.


Lighting equipment kindly supplied by Essential Lighting Limited.

Props by courtesy of Phake and Foney of Leatherhead and cast members.

To Ifield Barn Theatre Society for the loan of many of the costumes.

To the proprietors of Ockley Post Office Stores and of Ockley Service Station who have sold tickets for us.

To Loll Figg and Ockley Cricket Club for the use of the pavillion for additional rehearsals.