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Section 1 List

Section 2 Relationships


Role of honour for participating members of the society, past and present

Jane Abbott
Lucy Abbott
Affrika Alberts
Tallulah Alberts
Xayla-rae Alberts
Janette Alexander
Ian Angus
Ruth Angus
Molly Ansell
Rachel Armstrong
Victoria Armstrong
Dave Ash
Harrison Ash
Madelaine Ash
Jo Atkins
Gracie Attridge
Jack Ayling
Megan-Rose Ayling
Violet-May Ayling
Juliet Bach
Sarah Bagnall
Christina Baker
Rosemary Barker
Sue Barker
Toby Barker
Duncan Barnes
Jimmy Barnes
Ping Barnes
Shelley Barnes
Lauren Beales
Bill Bean
Sylvie Beckett
Chloe Bedggood
Madelaine Bedggood
Nic Belfrage
Sarah Benstead
Debbie von Bergen
Emmy Bernal
Phoebe Bernal
Jo Bickmore
Ed Bird
Rose Blackley
Jamie Bliss
Tracie-Lee Bone
Jodey Booker
Clive Bordoli
Oscar Belfrage Bordoli
Charlotte Bowman
Hilary Bowman
Ruth Bradney
Mark Bridger
Niky Briscombe
Fran Broad
Patrick Broad
Elise Brook
Marni Broomes
Emma Brown
Simon Brown
Terry Brown
Andrew Browning
Pat Browning
Ben Bruce
Cliff Bruce
Matthew Bruce
Rebecca Bruce
Cecil Bruff
Madelaine Bruff
Emma Buckland
Lucy Buckland
Philomena Bunce
Alison Burge
India Burill
Jane Burley
Mabel Burley
Andrew Burridge
Georgette Burton
Jenny Butler
Mary Butler
Tony Butler
Helen Burt
Clare Calvert
Jen Cameron
Julia Cameron
Chloe Cannon
Oliver Cannon
Holly Case
Aimee Casey
Brian Cauldwell
Sally Cauldwell
Sarah Cauldwell
Brian Caulfield
Anna Chapman
Clare Chapman
Debbie Chapman
Mark Chapman
Andrew Charman
Caroline Charman
Jane Charman
Jim Charman
Katrina Charman
Natasha Charman
Sarah Charman
Susan Charman
Debs Chilton
Stephanie Christensen
Elaine Christmas
Adam Claydon
David Claydon
Emma Claydon
Paula Claydon
Samuel Claydon
Katherine Clayton
Amelia Clear-Jeeves
Terri Coles
Joyce Colgate
Neil Collier
Dave Collinson
James Collinson
Sophie Collis
Kendal Compton
Harry Conlin
Stephen da Costa
Roger Courtney
Ken Cox
Mignonne Cox
Tony Cox
Helena Crabb
Sharon Crabb
Paige Cranford
Suellen Crawt
Tina Crawt
Sue Creane
Hannah Creek-Keen
Henry Crisp
Allan Croucher
Jenny Crowfoot
Philip Cuckow
Jessica Cunningham
Diana Cuthbert
Amber Dale
Stephen Dallyn
Emma Dampier
James Dark
John Davies
Trisha Davies
Fraser Dean-Grainger
Helen Dean-Grainger
Chris Dendy
Harriet Dendy
John Dendy
Carolanne Dieleman
Summer Dyason
Maxine Dye
Joan Earl
Ron Earl
Charlotte Earle
Henry Ede
Jess Edwards
Megan Edwards
Nigel Edwards
Tania Edwards
Tahlia Elder
Enid Elkins-Green
Rod Ellis
Amber Elliott
Bethany Elliott
Lottie Elliott
Ritva Eriksson
Rebecca Erratt
Sarah Erskine
Derek Farenden
Sylvia Farenden
Yvonne Featherstone
Linda Figg
Natasha Figg
Peter Figg
Michele Fisher
James Fletcher
Neil Fletcher
Eve Foster
Melissa Fox
Wendy Freeman
Mignonne Friddall
Martin Fuller
Evie Gardiner
Sasha Gascoigne
Jenny Genge
Mike Genge
Jean Gill
Erin Gilmartin
Sorcha Gilmartin
Lisa Glenn
Tony Goddard
Lynne Godfrey
Andrew Goodman
Catherine Goodman
Helen Goodman
Lizzie Goodman
Susie Goodman
Jonathan Gore
Barbara Gowlland
Jeff Gowlland
Jessica Graham-Brown
Kayleigh Gray
Kirsten Gray
Sheila Gray
Amelia Green
Pamela Grindlay
Cheryl Gurney
Scarlett Gurney
Clare Guy
Sanne Hague
Olivia Halsey
Helen Hamilton
Jake Hamilton
Morgan Hamilton
Denise Hammond
Richard Hammond
Rosemary Hammond
Becky Hamp
Georgie Hamp
Sarah Hannah-Rogers
Alan Hardy
Evie Hardy
Hugo Hardy
Tracey Hardy
Joy Harman
Trudi Hathaway
Bernard Hawkes
Joan Haynes
Bridget Haywood
Steve Hazlehurst
Alice Hearn
George Hebbard
Lisa-Jane Heeley
Donna Hext
Emily Hicks
Wendy Hilldrup
Glenda Hills
George Hiscocks
Norman Hodgett
Lucy Hogarth
Paul Hogarth
Liz Holder
Lynne Holloway
Belinda Hood
Julia Horrox
Henry Horwood
Andrew Hough
Katy Howard
Nigel Howard
Eric Howker
Rebecca Hull
Phoebe Hyder
Hayley Irwin
Lydia Ivackovic
Tilly Ivey
Hazel James
Ken James
Rhiann James
Alison Jermyn
Alex John
Jade Johnson
Natasha Johnson
Victoria Johnson
Becky Jones
Chris Jones
Clois Jones
Kirsty Jones
Leanne Jones
Leslie Jones
Sarah Jones
Sonia Jones
Sue Jones
Joyce Joseph
Jennifer Keen
Purdey Kelly
Ruby Kelly
Ellie Kibble
Jessica Kilfeather
Laura Killick
Shelley King
Abbie Kitson
Paul Knight
Erica Korner
Fred Korner
Paul Lamb
Bob Larbey
Trisha Larbey
Lucy Lawler
Toni Leighton
Doris Lemon
Lorna Lindfield
Dan Lindsay
Arwen Logan
Emily Logan
Megan Longley
Sophie Luckman
Bill Maguire
Ella Mahony
Sue Mahony
Nial Malony
Alan Malsher
Glynis Malsher
Josie Malt
Myrttille Malt
Hannah Margetts
Helen Margetts
Simon Marson
Alison Martin
Bill Martin
Neil Martin
Steve Martin
Sue Martin
Frankie Martins
Sophie Martins
Deborah Mason
Lauren Mason
Lloyd Mason
Lottie Mason
Ali el Masri
Trevor Maynard
Andrew Mayne
Gill McAllen
Courtney McCluskey
Gillian McCluskey
Stuart McEwan
Charlie McLean
Jamie McLeod
Roger Metcalf
Sophie Meyers
Joan Middleton
John Middleton
Pam Miller
Pauline Miller
Bea Milne
Ines-Angel Milne
Samantha Milne
David Moir
Sally Moore
Tilly Moore
Hugh Morshead
Gabrielle Morton
Chris Moss
Mike Munro
Clare Murrell
Michelle Muschamp
Corinna Newman
John Newman
Liz Nicholson
Marnie Nowson
Hilary Oldham
Emma Oram
Hayley Orange
Kendal Orange
Nigel Orange
Sam Orange
Derek Osborne
Hannah Page
Charlotte Palmer
Kitty Palmer
Molly Palmer
Ella Pangborn
Nikki Parker
Megha Patel
Ellie Pavey
Ted Pearce
Tina Pearce
Phil Percival
Charlie Pert
Angus Peters
Florence (Flossy) Peters
Jasmin Peters
Katy Peters
Linda Peters
Martyn Peters
Rebecca Peters
Sue Peters
Vanessa Petty
Faith Phillipson
Shelley Phillipson
Emily Pinchin
Mike Plummer
Richard Powles
Dugald Pratt
Hamish Pratt
Lynn Pratt
Martin Pratt
Francesca Pritchard
Eleanor Puckett
Susy Puckett
Laura Pusey
Emily Rawlinson
Ailsa Rea
David Rea
Katrina Rea
Wendy Rea
Gemma Redford
Kate Reeves
Ben Relf
Peter Relf
Paul Revel
Amelia Rhodes
Emma Rhodes
Izzy Rhodes
Penny Rhodes
Amy Richardson
Doug Richardson
Liz Richardson
Paul Roberts
Mandy Robinson
Jacob Rodell
Jonathan Rodell
Keziah Rodell
Juliet Roman
Oliver Roman
Lynne Rose
Leith Rowe
David Runnalls
Marilyn Runnalls
Nicky Russell
Ashley Rycroft
Daniella Rycroft
Eileen Saunders
Chris Scott
Ian Scott
Matilda Senior
Willow Senior
Robert Shepherd
Natalie Shimoyama
Bill Showell
Sue Shukman
David Silver
Sue Slurkman
Hayley Smith
Mark Smith
Tony Smith
Charlie Sparkes
Jessie Sparkes
Oli Sparkes
Iris Spruce
Mike Spruce
Ed Staines
Emily Standen
Katie Standen
John Steele
Anna Stockhausen
Angela Strachan
Freyja Strachan
Amber Stringer
Lynne Stringer
Phil Stringer
Charlie Strong
Charlie Summers
Eric Sutcliffe
Jessie Sutcliffe
Sasha Sypkes
Tabitha Tanner-Tremaine
John Tanswell
Angela Tarrett
George Tarrett
Emily Thomas
Mandy Thomas
Rhiannon Thomas
Genevieve Thompson
Stuart Thompson
Melanie Thorn
Oliver Thorne
Rupert Thorne
Sally Thornton
Oliver Thorp
Yola Thorp
Cerys Timothy
Marion Tompkins
Chris Tottman
Elizabeth Turner
Marilyn Turner
Lili-mae Tuttle
Jon Tyers
Maire Uwins
Shirley Uwins
Anne Vickers
Penny Vickery
Annie E. Walker
Annie L. Walker
Jane Walker
Lauren Walker
Christine Wallace
Katie Wannell
Tom Ware
Amelia Warren
Harriet Warren
Lola Watts
David Waugh
Jane Waugh
Nathan Waugh
Natalie Webber
Nicholas Webber
Toby Webster
Ben Williams
Jenny Williams
Matt Williams
Zena Williams
George Wiltshire
Vanessa Wiltshire
Elizabeth Wood
David Woolston
Hazel Worman
Lexie Worsfold
Mandy Worsfold
Sue Worsfold
Jim Wright
Lynn Wright
Sheila Wright-Anderson
Sam Yeomans


Many couples and not a few families have contributed to the Society over the years. This section is intended to clarify those relationships, albeit very briefly, and also identify those with the same surname that are not related. Inevitably, particularly for those active in the Society in its earliest decades, not all relationships are know, though some can be guessed at. The notes should make it clear what we know and what we infer.

To the best of our knowledge, Jane and Lucy are not related.

Affrika, Tallulah and Xayla-rae are sisters.

Ian is married to Ruth.

Rachel and Victoria are possible related, maybe sisters, but we simply don't know for sure.

Dave is married to Lucy.
Harrison and Madelaine are their children.
See also under Charman.

Jack, Megan-Rose and Violet-May are siblings.

Rosemary is the mother of Sue.

Toby is not related to to either of them.

Ping is the mother of Duncan, Jimmy and Shelley.
Shelley is the mother of Faith Phillipson.

Chloe and Madelaine are sisters.

See under Bordoli.

Emmy and Phoebe are sisters.

Clive is married to Nic Belfrage.
Oscar is their son.

See under Runnalls.

Fran is the mother of Patrick.

To the best of our knowledge, Emma, Simon and Terry are not related.

Andrew is the son of Pat.

Cliff is the father of Ben and Rebecca.

Matthew: We feel he ought to be part of the family (as the only production he was in was directed by Cliff) but we simply don't know.

Cecil is not related to Madelaine.

Emma and Lucy are sisters.

To the best of our knowledge, Jane and Mabel are not related.

Mary is married to Tony.

Jenny is not related to to either of them.

Jen and Julia did Front of House together for Cinderella. That they are related seems highly likely (sisters, mother/daughter are possibilities) but we simple don't know.

Chloe and Oliver are siblings.

It is possible that Brian is married to Sally but this is only based on that they both participated in Something to Hide in 1977.

To the best of our knowledge Sarah is not related to Brian or Sally.

Debbie is married to Mark.
Anna & Clare are their daughters.

Jane, with her first husband, Lawler, had a daughter, Lucy Lawler.
With her second husband, Jim, she had a son, Andrew.
Lucy married Dave Ash and they had two children, Harrison and Madelaine.
Andrew married Sarah Erskine.

Katrina and Natasha are sisters but not related to any of the above or below.

Caroline and Susan did Stage Manager & Props together for Housekeeper Wanted & The Stepmother. That they are related seems highly likely (sisters, mother/daughter are possibilities) but we simple don't know. However, they predate all of the above and we believe are not related to the other Charman's.

David is married to Paula.
Adam, Emma & Samuel are their children.

Dave and James were both involved in the Summer Variety Show. That they are related seems likely (father/son, brothers are possibilities) but we simple don't know.

Ken, Mignonne and Tony are not related.

Helena is the daughter of Sharon

Suellen and Tina are sisters.

John is married to Trisha

Fraser is the son of Helen.

John is married to Chris.
Harriet is their granddaughter.

Joan is married to Ron.

Nigel is married to Tania.
Jess is their daughter.

Megan is not related to to any of them.

Amber is the mother of Bethany and Lottie.
See also under Stringer.

See under Charman.

Derek is married to Sylvia.

Natasha is the daughter of Linda, who is married to Loll, who is cousin to Peter.

James and Neil are brothers.

Kayleigh and Kirsten are sisters.

Sheila is not related to either of the above.

Jenny is married to Mike

Andrew is married to Helen.
Catherine, Lizzie and Susie are their daughters.

Barbara is married to Jeff.

Cheryl is the mother of Scarlett.

Helen is the mother of Jake and Morgan.

It is possible that Denise is married to Richard but this is only based on that they both participated in Something to Hide in 1977.

To the best of our knowledge Rosemary is not related to Denise or Richard.

Becky and Georgie are sisters.

Alan is married to Tracey.
Evie and Hugo are their children.

Amanda is the mother of Emily.

Lucy is married to Paul

Katy is married to Nigel.

Hazel is married to Ken.

To the best of our knowledge, Rhiann is not related to either of the above.

Jade, Natasha and Victoria are sisters.

Chris is married to Sue.
Becky and Kirsty are their children.

Sonia is the mother of Leanne and Sarah.

Clois and Leslie are not related to any of the above or each other.

Purdey and Ruby are sisters.

Erica is the daughter of Fred.

Bob is married to Trisha

See under Charman.

Arwen and Emily are sisters.

Ella is the daughter of Sue.

Hannah is the daughter of Helen.

Alan last contributed in 1980. Glynis appeared once only in 1982. Relationship, if any, unknown.

Josie and Myrttille are sisters.

Alison is married to Bill.

Steve is married to Sue.
Neil is their son.

Frankie and Sophie are sisters.

Deborah is the mother of Lauren, Lloyd and Lottie.

Courtney is the daughter of Gillian.

Joan is married to John.

To the best of our knowledge, Pam and Pauline are not related.

Bea in the mother of Ines-Angel and Samantha.

To the best of our knowledge Sally and Tilly are not related.

Corinna is married to John.

Kendal is married to Nigel.
Hayley and Sam are their children.

Charlotte, Kitty and Molly are sisters.

To the best of our knowledge Ted and Tina are not related.

Katy is married to Martyn is sister to Linda.

Angus and Jasmin are siblings.

No further relationships (that we're aware of) amongst the many Peters.

See under Barnes.

Lynn is married to Martin.
Dugald and Hamish are their children.

Eleanor is the daughter of Susy.

Kate is the granddaughter of Elizabeth Wood

Ben is possibly related to Peter but we simply don't know for sure.

David is married to Wendy.
Ailsa and Katrina are their children.

Emma is the mother of Amelia and Izzy.

Penny is not related to any of the above.

Doug is married to Liz.

Amy is not related to to either of them.

Jonathan is the father of Jacob and Keziah.

Juliet is the mother of Oliver.

David is married to Marilyn.
Hilary Bowman is their daughter.
Charlotte Bowman is their granddaughter.

To the best of our knowledge, Chris and Ian are not related.

Matilda and Willow are sisters.

Hayley, Mark and Tony are not related.

Charlie, Jessie and Oli are siblings.

Iris is married to Mike.

Emily and Katie are sisters.

Lynne is married to Phil.
Amber is their daughter.
Bethany and Lottie are their grandchildren.

Angela is married to George Tarrett.

Angela (dance assistant) and Freyja (dancer) were together in Babes in the Wood but, to the best of our knowledge, are not related.

Eric is married to Jessie.

See under Strachan.

Mandy is the mother of Rhiannon and Lexie Worsfold (making Lexie and Rhiannon half sisters).

Emily is not related to any of the above.

Oliver and Rupert are brothers.

It is probably that Genevieve is married Stuart based only on that they appeared in the same productions.

Oliver and Yola are siblings.

To the best of our knowledge, Elizabeth and Marilyn are not related.

Maire and Shirley did Properties together for Bonaventure. That they are related seems highly likely (sisters, mother/daughter are possibilities) but we simple don't know.

Annie L. is the mother of Lauren.

Annie E. and Jane are not related to each other or either of the above.

Amelia and Harriet are sisters.

David is married to Jane.
Nathan is their son.

Natalie is married to Nicholas.
Actually, this is an assumption but they were both in the same production.

Jenny is the mother of Ben and Matt

Zena, to the best of our knowledge, is not related to any of the above.

George and Vanessa are siblings.

Elizabeth is the grandmother of Kate Reeves.

Lexie is the daughter of Mandy, the granddaughter of Sue and the half sister of Rhiannon Thomas.

Jim is married to Lynn.