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Welcome to our Resources page. Here you will find e-copies of the Society’s logo as well as literature intended for general publication. These can be used by any member to create their own email campaigns to their own contacts to help spread the word about the Society’s work. If in any doubt, then please check by emailing the chairman - see Contact Us page.

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June 2023 - Jack Revolver - Secret Agent

October 2023 - Returned Empty / A Slice of Life

May 2024 - Quizzers


10th September 2023 - Free workshops

Downloading a resource

There is a great variety of hardware, operating systems and browsers (and versions thereof) that you could be using to view this page, so providing instructions about downloading these resources is problematical to say the least. I'm a Windows user and find that a right click, either on the View link or on a displayed image, usually brings up useful options. However, if this won't work for you I suggest asking a search engine of your choice or maybe a chat bot.