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If you simply want to attend a performance see our current production page. When booking opens, generally around two months before the start of the production run, full details of how to obtain tickets will be posted there.

For membership enquiries or for any other query relating to the society please contact our Secretary - see below.

Click here for an application form.

Note: The file odsmemap.pdf should open in this window from which you should be able to print or save it to your computer. To read the file you need to have Acrobat Reader installed. If you do not already have this application it is obtainable by clicking on the image below (but be aware it's a big download). Should the file not open in your browser try right clicking the link and saving the file to your computer. You should then be able to use Acrobat Reader to open the file.

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If you have any comments about the website, suggestions for improvements or wish to report any problems with the website, such as broken links, please contact the Webmaster - see below.

Simply remove the blanks and substitute the coloured words with the appropriate symbol.

Yes, I know this isn't as simple as just clicking on a link or copy and pasting a string of text but there's a lot of nasty people out there that write apps to trawl web sites for email addresses to sell on to people that you really don't want to have them. Obfuscating the data in this manor protects the privacy of the individuals concerned.

Last updated 5th December 2019.