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ODS - Applet troubleshooting

If the game doesn't load it will almost certainly be because you don't have the java runtime environment or a java virtual machine installed on your system. Depending on the browser (and version) you are are using you might see a grey square, nothing, an error message (not very likely), or an icon to click on for download instructions. Firefox (an excellent browser) is one that does the last of these. In this case your course of action is simple, click the icon and follow the instructions. For the rest of you there are a number of options.

Checking if Java is installed


Click 'Start' then 'Run'. Type in command and press 'Return'. In the 'MS-DOS Prompt' window that appears, type in jview and press 'Return'.

If you get Bad command or file name then you don't have java installed.

If you see something like this:-
Results of jview command when java is installed.
Then you do have java installed.

Linux / Unix

Being a Windows user myself I sought help. This is the most useful reply I got:-

I usually type java rather than jview, but either should work on any OS. In unix-like systems you don't have command or cmd for the command line, you have a terminal. Anyone using a unix will know how to get to the command line anyway.
Thanks Paul!


Sorry, can't help you.

If you have Java installed

If you have java installed and the applet is not loading then here's a few more possiblities:-

Last updated 6th February 2005.