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ODS - The Pig

Looking over a farmyard wall I saw a huge pig with a wooden leg. Intrigued I sought out the farmer and said "I have just seen your pig with a wooden leg, it must mean a lot to you to have gone to the lengths of fitting it with an artificial limb".

"Oh yes" said the farmer, "it's a special pig. A few months ago my son fell into the pond and that pig dived straight in and pulled him out with its teeth".

"Well" said I "that really is something".

"That's not all" said the farmer "a month ago the house caught fire and that pig grunted real loud to wake us up, barged the door down and ran upstairs. My daughter was unconscious from the smoke and he grabbed her nightdress with his teeth and dragged her out. Saved us all did that pig".

"That really is marvellous" I said.

"Oh there's more" said the farmer, "two weeks ago my herd of sheep got out and strayed onto the main road. That pig rushed out and rounded them up like a sheep dog, brought them home and saved the flock, it really is a superb pig".

"That really is amazing" I said "but why has it got a wooden leg"?

"Oh well", said the farmer "when you've a pig like that you can't eat it all at once"!