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ODS - Shaggy Dog Stories

In this sub-sub-section I've gathered together a collection of humorous stories that tickled my fancy. None are original, so you may have seen them before. It's my intention to add more as I find them or as people inform me of good ones.

This section would not be possible if were not for the continuing stream of material sent to me by, in particular, Peter Fifield. My thanks also to Barbara Shillaker (The Pope, Bubba and the Pope) and Ian Hudson (Husband Mart).

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  Added 22/10/2006  
The Four Friends Greyfriars Bobby Religious Golf
Post Office Facelift Bubba and the Pope
  Added 04/12/2005  
Letter from the taxman European Alerts Train Ticket
Hypnotic Cure Moral Tale Is Hell Exothermic?
  Added 21/08/2005  
Prawn Widdle Wabbit More Golf
Jesus & Moses Prayers Socrates
  Added 20/02/2005  
The Drunk Curtain Rods Old Lady
The Pig The Pope The Brothel
  Added 30/05/2004  
Bull Dear John Four Brothers
Golf Husband Mart Love Dress
  Added 07/12/2003  
Bill Gates Froggy Love Neil Armstrong
Shepherd Shipwreck Ugly

Last updated 22nd October 2006.