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ODS - Greyfriars Bobby

You probably know the story of Greyfriars Bobby, the little Edinburgh dog who was so devoted to his master that he lay on his grave in Greyfriars churchyard for 11 years. Very moving, like syrup of figs but not the whole story.

While he lived, Bobby's master would go every night to the Haggis Catcher's Arms where Bobby would sit at his feet, good as gold, with his saucer of Teachers. When Bobby died, after his long vigil, the landlord cut off his tail and put it in a glass case over the bar as a momento. In due course Bobby arrived at heaven's gate and asked to be allowed in to join his master. "You are not Greyfriars Bobby" answered St Peter, "Greyfriars Bobby had a long bushy tail but you haven't". "My tail is down at the Haggis Catcher's Arms in a glass case" said Bobby. "Sorry" said St Peter "rules are rules and I can't let you in without a tail, go back down and fetch it." So Bobby's ghost goes back down to Edinburgh and at about 3 a.m. is outside the Haggis Catcher's barking his head off. The landlord looks out and asks what the matter is. Bobby tells him he must have his tail put back on as otherwise he can't get into heaven to join his master. "Come back in the morning" says the landlord, "I can only retail spirits during opening hours".