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ODS - The Brothel

Mick was sitting in the corner of the bar looking sad and dejected. Paddy, feeling sorry for him, went across to cheer him up. "What's up Mick?" he asked.

Mick heaved a heavy sigh and said "I am totally and utterly bored, there's nothing to do around here that I haven't done a thousand times."

"Why don't you ring up that newfangled brothel in Dublin?" asked Paddy.

Mick looked perplexed, "Brothel, what's a brothel?" he asked.

"Oh" said Paddy, "it's a marvellous place. You ring up and they send a car for you, give you lunch and free drinks, after that you make love all afternoon. Then they give you a light tea and more drinks and you make love all evening. Some time after midnight they give you a slap up dinner, a hundred quid and more drink, then they call a cab and send you home."

"Why that sounds great" said Mick, "Have you been there yourself?

"No" said Paddy, "but my wife has!"