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ODS - Marbella apartment

Phil kept this very much to himself. In his own words:-

I have not said anything about this before because I wanted to wait until everything had been finalized. I recently bought a one Bedroom property near Marbella in sunny Spain as an investment. The purchase went through last Friday and I thought I'd let you know to see if you know anyone interested in renting...

Apartment in Marbella

Available to family and friends (and Ockley Dramatic Society members) for weekends (or weeks would be better for me). Initially I will take the bookings myself, until I find an Agent in the area to manage the property for me.

Weekends will be approximately 35.00 (friends' rate) for two nights and 85 for the week, at least for the remainder of this year. It's a one bed on the first floor, (no lift sorry) but has lovely sea views etc.

Attached is a photo and I'd be pleased to hear from anyone who might be interested.