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ODS - The Light Brigade


This game "borrowed" from where there is much, much more to amuse.


Use the arrow buttons to direct the bulbs' path. But they have to be green in order to enter the lighthouse! Guide them through the colored tents to change their color. Each colored arrow will only change the direction of that colored bulb (black arrows work on all colors). Use the red button to make the bulbs hop over one space.

When your arrows are all set, hit the Go button to see if they do the job!

Playing offline

If you disconnect while at this page you should be able to go on playing. If you want to be able to play at any time then click here to download (277kb). Simply unzip the file to any folder of your choice. There are two files, light_brigade.dcr and light_brigade.html. Double click the html file to start.


What, giving up already? OK, click here.