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ODS - Just for Fun

More accurately: the webmaster having fun!
Still, I hope that the content I add from time to time will amuse....

On this, the Just for Fun home page, I've listed items in the order the order they were added (most recent at the top). On the menu I've tried to sort them into some sort of logical order, though this has been difficult....

Magic Gopher


Another Cool Clock

Throw paper!

Xmas 2005

SuDoKu Solver

Sand Scultures

Olympics (Flash - 1.4mb)


Box World

Magic trick

Xmas 2004

Alice through the VDU

Xmas 2003

Shaggy Dog Stories

Chocolate mathematics

Optical illusions

Light Brigade

Nice paint jobs

Marbella apartment

Comic Relief

Fish World

The Unique Digital Clock

The Dancing Butterflies

Last updated 18th February 2007.