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Tony Edwards - Bibliography

One Act Plays

Sweet Caroline Sweet  Buy this script at Amazon

Percy Middleditch is, as they say, one of lifes losers. An insignificant man, with nothing going for him in the looks or personality stakes. So when an advertisement in the Lonely Hearts column brings the beautiful Caroline Sweet into his life, he is besotted. His shrewd and neighbourly landlady warns him not to raise his hopes too high - and is proved right when Caroline turns out to be rather different to what she first appeared. Percy is shattered, and his uncharacteristic reaction carries the full weight of his feelings.

The Return  Buy this script at Amazon

Newly weds Penny and Tom Gilbert are entertaining Tom's colleague James and his wife Alice to dinner, when they are unexpectedly interrupted by one Harry Barton, a character from Tom's past. Harry has seemingly come to offer Tom a job; not so surprising since Tom is a high flyer in the computer world. But why should Tom be so alarmed at Harry's offer? What gives Harry the power to threaten Tom if he refuses? And what is the "past" that Tom is so desperate to evade? The crushing truth of Harry's visit is made known in the final minute of the play with shattering and dramatic effect.

Full Length Pantomimes

Aladdin  Buy this script at Amazon

Aladdin is the son of Widow Twanky, who owns a Chinese Laundry. They are very poor- that is until a stranger from Africa, a one Abanazer, appears on the scene telling of great treasure locked away in a nearby cave. He enlists the help of Aladdin to find the treasure, but things do not go according to plan. The two Policemen engaged to arrest Aladdin seem to be from another planet, whilst Widow Twanky and Wishee Washee hardly help matters. Many adventures follow, including the forbidden love of the Princess Jasmine, losing the Magic Lamp, hoping the Slave of the Ring will get his/her magic poetry to rhyme, chasing Abanazer to Africa to save the Princess….etc! But of course, all ends happily with Abanazer getting his come-uppance and Aladdin becoming a rich Prince and able to marry his Princess.

Babes in the Wood  Buy this script at Amazon

The tale of good, bold Robin Hood! History is bent and stretched a bit in this fast moving tale of treachery and intrigue. Nursie looks after the Babes, Amy and Adam, but the bad Prince John wants the Babes killed so that he can inherit King Richard's throne. Two wicked robbers, Horace and Humphrey, are hired to kidnap and kill the Babes, but they are not really up to the job, and the Babes escape. The nasty Sheriff of Nottingham tries all sorts of evil schemes to catch Robin Hood and the Merrie Men, but with the help of Fairy Starlight and Monty the Mole, good overcomes evil, and the return of King Richard from the Crusades puts paid to the baddie's plans! Robin marries Maid Marion and all is at peace in Sherwood Forest.

Humpty Dumpty  Buy this script at Amazon

The King and Queen of Hearts are very poor, so they can't afford to give their daughter, the rather ugly Princess, a very posh birthday party. They would also like to see the Princess married off - but who would have her? Enter the incredibly rich and handsome Knave of Diamonds. He would make an ideal husband - if he could be persuaded! Meanwhile, Humpty Dumpty is working in the Royal kitchens helping Cookie with the food for the party. The greedy Knave of Hearts steals the jam tarts, and there is no more jam left to make more. Captain Hall of the King's Horses and Men, who fancies Cook something rotten, helps out, but even he can't get it right! Humpty won't give the Knave of Hearts some food, so the Knave is bent on revenge. Just before the Party Parade, Humpty falls off a wall (I wonder how?), and gets badly cracked. How can he get put back together again? How can Old Mother Hubbard help? Who eventually marries the ugly Princess? All is revealed in the exciting finale of this incredible story!

Full Length Musicals

Humbug!!  Buy this script at Amazon (Plus Piano Score Buy this piano score at Amazon )

A new and fresh version of the famous novel by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, telling the story of the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge and the lessons he is taught by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Whilst remaining true to the original story, there are some unique elements within the play, e.g. Jacob Marley conversing with Scrooge from the doorknocker, and the Ghost of Christmas Future, usually silent, has his say about Scrooge's misdemeanours. The songs are simple but effective and should be well within the range of most drama clubs and societies. This musical was nominated the Best Musical in the local "Oscar" awards.

Childreans Shows

The day they lost Raggety Ruth  Buy this script at Amazon

Mandy owns Raggety Ruth, Toy Soldier and Clown. Today is Mandy's birthday and also the day when she is moving to a new house. Mandy gets a brand new china doll for her birthday - Pretty Priscilla, who is very superior and demands the best of attention at all times. Priscilla becomes jealous of Raggety and pushes her into an empty cupboard, so that Mandy can't find Raggety and has to leave her behind. Raggety gets thrown about by the rough new owners of the house, but she manages to escape into the Big World, determined to find her friends. On her journey she meets with a grumpy old Dustbin, an officious set of Traffic Lights, and a bumbling Signpost who doesn't understand directions! She eventually finds the others, but how will Priscilla react to her now?