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Norman Robbins
Wedding of the Year

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Wedding of the Year is a comedy for four men and six women. Alison Murchinson, fat straight-haired, bespectacled is the last sort of girl one would visualise as a heroine, but Uncle Frank decides to make her one by entering her as a prospective candidate for a Wedding of the Year competition, selecting a designer to create her wedding dress even before he has found her a suitable husband. His eye falls on Walter Thorntonís son, Melvyn, a frustrated inventor and an appallingly clumsy young man. However, the best-laid plans.... Alison ends up a prospective bride, but not for Melvyn. Harry, the dress designer, carries her off, and Walter Thornton carries off her mother.

Author's Note and Dedication

Several years ago, when I was an amateur actor battling with my first leading role, a rather massive young lady many years my junior and playing my grandmother, remarked to me bitterly: "I wish someone would write a part for a fat girl and make her the lead. I never get a decent part in anything."

In more recent years, as a struggling Rep actor, the same remark was uttered to me by a pretty, but overweight, A.S.M. who seemed to spend her time making tea for the rest of us and playing maids and grandmothers.

When I announced my intention of writing a play and handing the leading role to a fat girl, almost everyone laughed. The two exceptions were myself and my wife Ailsa, who thinks me capable of anything.

Well, Iíve done it. All it needs now is for every fat girl in the country to demand the chance to play Alison and Iím convinced Iíll be rich.

On a more practical note, however, I should just like to point out one thing. Alison is not as fat as she thinks she is. Her mode of dress simply adds to her dimensions. A normal girl wearing several sweaters of the wooly kind, or padding and a long skirt will create the illusion needed.

Finally, I would like to dedicate this play to my wife for all her advice and criticism during the writing of it, and to the St Giles Players of Pontefract for their patience and faith during long and tiresome rehearsals of all my plays.


Ethel Murchinson
Peggy Ramskill
Walter Thornton
Frank Edwards
Alison Murchinson
Honoria Murchinson
Matilda Murchinson
Melvyn Thornton
Harry Elphinstone
Priscilla Edwards

Copyright © Norman Robbins 1980