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Norman Robbins
Snow White

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Beautiful but evil Queen Maligna has usurped the throne of Sylvania on her husband's death. Told by the magic mirror that her stepdaughter, Princess Millie (known to her friends as Snow White), is more beautiful, Maligna is consumed with jealousy and determines to kill her. But Snow White has many old friends and finds seven new ones who live in a little cottage deep in the forest. With their help and the dashing bravery of Prince Michael, Snow White is saved and Maligna, revealed as a wicked witch, dies.

Based on the original Grimm brothers tale of 1819, this version of the well-loved story is written in pantomime form complete with a Fairy who acts as Narrator, a Dame, a "Simple Simon" character, and a Principal Boy. The setting requirements are flexible and choice of music is left to the individual director.

Author's Note

There can be few people in Britain who have not been enthralled by Walt Disney's 1937 animated film classic of Snow White and, perhaps because of this, other adapters of the story have had to tread warily through the dangerous minefields of copyright. The Disney version is so entrenched in our collective minds, that audiences expect to see exactly the same show on the stage, and are sometimes most upset when they don't get it. Both music and names of most characters, for instance, were copyrighted by the Disney Organization, and no-one else can use them. Likewise, the animated antics are impossible to recreate convincingly on stage, but audiences, not appreciating this, often feel cheated when they don't see them. So why do we writers bother? The answer is simple. It's a wonderful story and as interesting today as when the Grimm brothers presented it to the world in 1819.

In response to many requests over the years, I have written this version in pantomime form. It has a fairy (who plays the role of Narrator), a "Dame", a "Simple Simon" character, and a Principal Boy who appears in a lot of Act I instead of just a fleeting appearance at the end of Act II. Music I leave to the Director's choice, though I have prepared a list of suggested songs, totally unconnected to the Disney version, which is available from me c/o Samuel French Ltd. Just keep the pace brisk, treat it as a true pantomime, and I'm sure your audiences will respond with enthusiasm.


Fairy Thistledown
Alonzo, the Court Chamberlain
Dame Goodheart, the Royal Housekeeper
Voice of the Spirit of the Mirror
Queen Maligna, Ruler of Sylvania
Chuckles, the Court Jester
Princess Millie, known as Snow White
Prince Michael of Tyrolia
Speedwell, the Seven Friends
Chorus of Citizens, Courtiers, Fairies, Spirits, etc.


For Karen and John Watkins (a small appreciation for kindness and company).

Copyright © Norman Robbins 1996