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Norman Robbins
Sing a Song of Sixpence

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Sing a Song of Sixpence is a pantomime on conventional lines with a dame, wicked witch, good fairy, haunted bedroom, and knockabout scenes, contemporary songs to choice, references to local names, etc., but based on the less usual story of the four-and-twenty blackbirds baked in a pie. When the King's magic crown is stolen his kingdom is reduced to destitution, and it looks as if evil has conquered good, but the handsome Prince Valentine is finally triumphant. A number of easily staged settings are alternated with front-cloth scenes, affording the producer scope to be as elaborate or as simple as his facilities permit.

Author's Note

The music used in almost every production of this pantomime so far has been selected from musical comedies, operettas and popular songs of the day.

It would be impractical to attempt to list the items as the vocal capacities of different performers will vary so much. However, with a very small amount of dialogue surgery, almost any chosen number can be used with success. This also gives freedom of choice to change solo songs to duets or chorus songs, and I honestly think most Societies prefer this.


The Court Chamberlain of Cornucopia
Queen Dilly of Utopia
Prince Valentine, her son
Princess Rosemary of Cornucopia
Simple Simon
Dame Durdon
Witch Watt
Fairy Gossamer
Flip, Flop, the Court Jesters of King Ferdinand
King Ferdinand the Fourth of Cornucopia
Lucy, the maid
Zorika, a Gypsy princess
Old Meg, a Gypsy women
Rollo, Lord of the Gypsies
Squint, a Gypsy
A Ghost
Townspeople, Cooks, Guests, Gypsies, Spirits, etc.
Blackbirds and Rabbits


For my agents June Epstein and Esme McKinnon, two ladies who seem to be in the middle of a permanent pantomime of their own, yet still find time to get be lots of loverly work. Thanks, girls!

Copyright © Norman Robbins 1978