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Norman Robbins
Jack and the Beanstalk

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Author's Note

This version of Jack and the Beanstalk was written for the Queens Hall Theatre, Barnstaple, North Devon, and premiered there on 21st December, 1991 with myself as Dame Trot and the multi-talented Martin Kingston as Simple Simon. The show broke all box office records for pantomime at that venue, and this slightly modified version has now been made available for amateur societies. Unlike my previous pantomimes, I have not expanded the cast for amateur usage, as several groups have begged me for a small scale version of something. I trust this will meet with their approval. There is scope however for the experienced society to pad out the proceedings if they feel the need to do so.

Music should be bright and the pace of the pantomime kept brisk. Props have been kept to a minimum and apart from the "Black-Light" and strobe effects in the second Act, lighting should be no problem (even the smallest halls can cope with these nowadays). Our hysterical balloon ballet sequence in the Giant's kitchen scene may be impractical for some stages, but this can either be cut or be replaced by a "spot" such as a real ballet, conjuring act or performing seals (this is one of the few occasions in pantomime where a "spot" is acceptable as it is a stated "entertainment" within the plot line). The fierce sword fight between Rancid and Jack must be rehearsed most carefully. Don't leave this to the last minute. If an accident can happen, it will. Finally, I hope you derive as much fun from the show as we (and our audiences) did.


Jack Trot, a poor farmerís son
Dame Trot, his widowed mother
Simple Simon, her other son
King Hubert the Umpteenth of Serenia
Princess Melissa, his daughter
Rancid, the Ogreís henchman
Fairy Thistledown, Guardian of Serenia
Giant Blunderbore
Daisy, the Cow
Adult Chorus of Villigers, Gypsies, Slaves, etc.
Junior and/or Babes chorus.


For Martin Kingston, the "simplest" Simon Iíve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Copyright © Norman Robbins 1992