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Norman Robbins

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Cinderella is a pantomime for twelve characters and chorus. The plot follows the famous story in a straightforward version: though the traditional pantomime additions are introduced the narative line remains the salient feature: the arrival of the Baronís new wife - suitably name Medusa and her two horrific daughters; their maltreatment of Cinderella in the Mansion kitchen; the faithful Buttons; Cinderellaís kindness to the old woman who turns out to be the Fairy Godmother; the romance of the Ball and the hansome Prince; the doom of the striking clock; the hunt for the slipperís owner; the denouement and Cinderellaís generous forgiveness; the two brokerís men carried off by the Ugly Sisters; the Grand Finalle. If necessary, the production can be staged very simply: the "coach transformation" may be effectively contrived with little strain on resources; the scenery and furnishings are uncomplicated. The position and style of the songs are indicated in the text but the choice is left to the individual director.

Author's Note

As a pantomime subject, Cinderella needs no introduction from me or anyone else. Possibly the worldís most famous fictional story, there can be very few places where some adaption of it has not been seen.

This being the case, I have followed version of the legend (so far as the pantomime goes) and have tried to keep it scaled down to a manageable size for any stage in the country.

The storyline remains uncluttered, the romantic interest strong, and above all the comedy fast moving. I deliberately overwrote the roles of the Ugly Sisters, as I have no way of knowing if societies will use men or women for the parts, and trust individual directors to prune lines accordingly. However, with two good performers, it can be played (and has been, with devastating results) uncut.

Like all pantomimes, it should be played at a fairly rapid pace, and the faster the insults fly, the better. This helps point up the gentler scenes as they occur. Please select songs and music with care. If you wish to add more, there are planty of opportunities, and should you want less, then adjust the scrip accordingly.

Finally I hope youíll enjoy this version of "Cinders" as much as I did writing it.


Dandini, a squire to the prince
Buttons, page to Baron Hardupp
Cinderella, the Baronís daughter
Baron Hardupp, of Stoneybroke Mansion
Baroness Hardupp, his new wife
Asphyxia, Euthanasia, her daughters
Ammer, Tongs, the brokerís men
Prince Charming, of Castle Glamorous
Fairy Godmother
Major Domo
Villagers, Footmen, Huntsmen, Courtiers, Junior Misses and Sunbeams Chorus


For Iris and Alf.

Copyright © Norman Robbins 1980