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Norman Robbins

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The story of Aladdin and his magic Lamp is told in time-honoured pantomime fashion with all the well-loved characters like Widow Twankey, the Princess, Wishee Washee and Aladdin himself, and, of course, the well hated character of Abanazer, the evil magician, who provides plenty of opportunity for boos and hisses from the audience!

A number of easily-staged settings are alternated front-cloth scenes, allowing the production to be as elaborate or simple as facilities permit.

Author's Note

This version of the Aladdin story was first performed at the Grand Pavilion Theatre, Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan, on 26th December 1980 for the season, and was directed by myself.

To enable it to be performed by amateur companies, I have simplified the staging to suit the average church hall or small theatre. Lighting, special effects and properties have been kept to a minimum, and although songs and dances I leave to the discretion of the director, I have prepared a list of music suggestions which is obtainable from me, c/o Samuel French Ltd.

Knowing the demands of the amateur stage, I have expanded the cast numbers by two, but apart from that, you have what we had.

Running time is about two hours and a quarter, providing the pace is brisk. Costumes and scenery should be as stylized as possible.

Production note

In Act 1, Scene 2, it is best if all characters involved are supplied with hot-water bottles. It is less messy for performers and the rest of the company during later scenes.

In Act 1, Scene 5, the washing machine is simply a four-sided box painted white with an "observation window" painted on the front. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate Wishee when he falls in, and do provide an exit hole in the cloth behind it. His costume change is fairly quick.


Abanazar, the Magician
The Slave of the Ring
Widow Twankee, his mother
The Grand Vizier
The Emperor Chow Mein, Ruler of all China
Princess Badroulbador, his daughter
So-Shy, her lady in waiting
The Genie of the Lamp
The Mummy
Chorus of Citizens, Laundryworkers, Courtiers, Spirits of the Cave, Guards, Chinese Policemen, etc.
Chorus of Babes


For Myrtle and Cliff Devenish.

Copyright © Norman Robbins 1985