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Howard Agg

Born 4 May 1908 and died 12 Sep 1968 he is buried at Cimitero Monumentale di Taormina in Sicilia. He was a playwright, adaptor, author, and worked for the BBC in various roles, including producer of series 3 of Scrapbook. From 1944 to 1946 he worked with Jill Allgood, the producer of a weekly/fortnightly programme for forces in hospitals called Here's Wishing You Well Again.

In addition to his solo work, he worked for several years in partnership with Mabel Constanduros producing a large volume of work including plays for the stage (including "The Spider Ring"), radio plays for the BBC, adaptions of Dickensís Bleak House and Great Epectations, and a TV movie, Il Tunnel.

This document is primarily about his writing partner, Mabel Constanduros, but he's mentioned a few times.

See for a list of his stage plays.

Plays we've performed

The Spider Ring (1951)