An email from David Tristram

Hi, there - David Tristram here.

I know that in the past you've all taken at least a passing interest in my comedy plays - either ordering books or actually producing the plays - so I thought you might be interested in the grand unveiling of my new musical comedy "Sex, Drugs and Rick'n Noel" at Bridgnorth in a couple of weeks. This unique musical, two years in the making, can be played as a straight comedy, or as a full-blown musical with the addition of a chorus. My own production, of course, will be the full musical offering (I'm a sucker for punishment).

Now, I know that many of you are far too geographically challenged to actually get to the show itself, while others of you might consider making a real night of it and taking advantage of one of Bridgnorth's cheap and plentiful bed and breakfasts. If you can get there, of course, it would be great to meet you in person and share this unique occasion with genuine theatre lovers. (At the Flying Ducks fifteenth anniversary show a couple of years ago, I had visitors frm as far away as Scotland - amazing!) As you perhaps know, I test all my new work out myself on a live audience, under my own direction, before letting it loose on the world at large. This will be one of those rare and exciting moments.

This is an especially challenging piece. I've written all the music myself, featuring everything from Fred Astaire tributes to zulu love songs, jazz to classical, and just about everything inbetween. And, yes, there's a comedy play in there somewhere too, which is designed to stand alone without the music, for those without the resources to pull off the full monty, as it were.

For those that really can't get to Bridgnorth but are intrigued to know more, a professionally recorded cd of all the songs is available, but I'd have to charge around a fiver to cover duplication and postage costs if you wanted one.

However, if you or any colleagues are sufficiently interested in seeing my show, and seeing whether it would suit your own society for possible future production, it runs on October 18th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, 25th at the wonderful Bridgnorth Theatre on The Steps. Tickets are 10, but 8 concessions are available to any member of an amateur society emailing me quickly to book in advance.

Feel free to pass this email on to anyone you feel might be interested.

Thanks for all your interest and support over the years.

David Tristram


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